Pros / The data entry is very easy to use.

Cons / The reliance on NFC technology is a concern.

 Verdict / The Health ID is a comfortable silicone-based medical ID bracelet that provides a full-profile to emergency responders, but only if they have quick access to a NFC reader.

The Health ID Emergency Medical ID Bracelet bundles an emergency identification card with an alert bracelet that allows you to keep your important health information in one place. Health care providers and emergency personnel can then access the information using the NFC feature on a smartphone.

At about $25, the Health ID is affordable by comparison to most full-profile medical ID bracelets. For example, the Lynx USB is $50 and the Elite Plus USB is $40. There are more affordable options, but this price point is excellent for the quality and comfort.

The most unique aspect of the Health ID is the reliance on NFC to provide emergency responders with your medical information. The theory behind it is simple – an EMT simply needs to tap their smartphone to the bracelet and your full medical profile pops up on their display. In many ways, it's faster and easier than using a USB drive to store files because the EMT doesn't have to plug the drive into a computer, open the folder and click on the PDF. However, it assumes the EMT has NFC activated on their smartphone. Most smartphones have NFC capabilities, but require downloading an app to read NFC transmissions.

On a positive note, the interface for entering your medical information is the easiest to navigate and enter data into. The interface is all online and has a modern, familiar design. Every USB medical ID bracelet I reviewed used software with outdated interfaces. I was able to enter data much faster than any other program and I never had to consult with the help center. That said, the amount of information you can record in the profile isn't nearly as comprehensive as some software. You can record all the necessary information, such as your medications, diseases and vitals, and you can upload any important documents, but it's fairly limited by comparison to programs like Key2Life.

The all-day comfort earned a B grade. The bracelet is made of silicone. This has a tendency to pull arm hair more than other bracelets. The fit is not as adjustable as a bracelet with Velcro, but you can still adjust the fit to wear it loose or tight.

The bracelet also earned a B for the exercise comfort. It handles sweat better than any bracelet I reviewed, but even when it was wet, it pulled at my arm hair. However, you can wash this bracelet as much as you want without worry. As such, it's unlikely to become a hygienic issue, a problem with the canvas strap bracelets.

The Health ID medical alert bracelet is not the most comfortable bracelet, but it has the easiest data entry process for creating a full-profile of your medical treatment requirements. The NFC technology can provide EMTs with quick access to your information but may require them to download an app first. And that's a concern.

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