The Health ID Emergency Medical ID Bracelet bundles an emergency identification card with an alert bracelet that allows you to keep your important health information in one place. Health care providers and emergency personnel can then access the information using a smartphone, tablet or computer. It functions similar to the Key2Life and CARE bracelets.

Adding, managing and tracking all aspects of your health is uncomplicated with Health ID's straightforward platform called MyHealth. You can use it to consolidate your medical conditions, allergies, chronic disease management, emergency contacts and more. Once you have entered your information into the system, you can track and update it using the dashboard. You can also use the MyHealth dashboard to manage all of your medications -- just add them to your profile and set text or email reminders so you remember to take them as prescribed. Your account is password protected, so no one can update your information, but anyone with access to the bracelet or card can view whatever information you've made public.

This ID bracelet and the accompanying software also feature a disease management tool that allows you to keep track of any disease you may have, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Depending on the condition, a particular card may appear on your dashboard. For example, if you add diabetes, a glucose level card will appear that helps you keep track of daily readings.

This medical alert bracelet and ID card make it simple for you to share important information with a caregiver. Whether you are visiting your regular doctor for a checkup, a specialist for some tests or are in a medical emergency, the Health ID system allows medical professionals to access the information you choose to put on your emergency summary.

While there are a number of ways medical personnel can access your information, either a smartphone or internet access is required. Medical personnel can use an NFC-enabled smartphone and just tap the device on the ID card or medic alert bracelet, scan a QR code with a smartphone or tablet or go to the Health ID website and enter a unique number known as your Health ID Profile or HIP code. Currently, Apple devices don't support NFC, so iPhone users must either use the internet or scan the QR code located on the ID card.

The Emergency Medical ID Bracelet from Health ID is a decent midrange device that offers plenty of features for the price. With the included ID card, you have a backup for those times you don't want to or forget to wear the bracelet. However, medical staff will have to fish around to find the card if you're not wearing the bracelet, and will have to know to use a smartphone or internet access to view anything.

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