Pros / It can store the most comprehensive medical records.

Cons / The software is not easy to use.

 Verdict / The Key2Life Sport is among the most comfortable medical ID bracelets and it comes with USB storage capable of holding as much information as you need.

Key2Life makes a wide range of medical alert bracelets, so if you're not fond of the style or comfort of the Sport, there's a good chance you can find a bracelet to fit your style and comfort preferences. Each bracelet comes with USB storage and the Key2Life program for medical records. However, the Sport was the most comfortable medical ID bracelet in my review for both all-day wear and for exercise. And with 3.75GB of storage and an impressively comprehensive program for recording medical information, it's ideal for people with both simple or complicated medical histories.


The Key2Life Sport costs about $35. This is a great value in comparison to most of the medical ID bracelets I reviewed, especially considering it has a 3.75GB USB drive and the comfort level is very high. By comparison, the Lynx USB costs close to $50 and doesn't come close to having the same comfort. You can certainly find more affordable options, like the QRepublik MED ID ($13), but the quality of the construction isn’t as good.

Medical Records

The Sport, as with all Key2Life medical alert bracelets, has a 3.75 GB USB storage drive. On the drive, you open a program to record your medical data and export it to a viewable PDF. This makes it so when you have an emergency, the responders can easily review all of the necessary information, so long as they have access to a computer with a USB port.

The software used to record your medical records is impressively complicated. There are 32 tabs for entering data. Not only can you enter all the minutia of every medical diagnosis you've ever received, but you can keep records of physical therapy, insurance, dental, psychiatry, podiatry, chiropractor appointments, x-rays, lab results and more. None of the medical ID bracelets I reviewed come close to providing such comprehensive medical recording software.

While the software is ideal for people with very complicated medical issues, it's also good for people who want to keep a running history of their health records in one place. You can easily share the information with doctors and make sure all your information is in one place. In addition, the information can't be accessed without your username and password, and you decide what information is important for emergency responders to know in the viewable PDF.

The downside to the software is its ease of use. Since it's very complicated and there are so many tabs, it's easy to get lost in the interface. The data entry process wasn't designed to make it easy on the user. Often, I'd try to enter data into empty boxes and was met with error messages because I had to enter information in other places first or had to check a box. In addition, the help tools aren't very effective. This is evidenced by the word document included on the drive, which provides step by step instructions on how to setup your profile.

Comfort & Style

To evaluate comfort, I wore each bracelet for throughout several days while I worked, ran errands and exercised. The Key2Life Sport earned an A grade for all-day comfort and B+ for exercise comfort. The Velcro strap design is ideal because you can customize the fit to your preferences. However, it didn't receive the highest grade because it lacks a leverage loop, which ensures the fit stays tight. So, over the day, it can get a little loose, requiring you to adjust the strap.

The reason the Sport didn't earn a higher grade for the exercise comfort is the canvas strap. It was certainly among the most comfortable bracelets to wear while dripping with sweat, but the canvas strap and Velcro are more susceptible to absorbing sweat than metal or silicone materials. I know, from experience, that this eventually results in a hygiene issue and nobody wants to wear a smelly medical ID bracelet.

The Sport's overall style earned an A grade. It's not going to win any awards at a fashion show, but the design is meant to look more like a sport's band than a medical ID bracelet. In addition, it comes in a wide array of color options. Since the USB drive tucks into a pocket under the Velcro, you can get several color bands to match your wardrobe.


The Key2Life Sport is my pick for the best medical ID bracelet overall because it's an affordable option capable of storing your entire medical history in its 3.75GB storage drive.

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