Inogen’s One G4 is a pulse flow oxygen concentrator that’s designed to complement your active lifestyle, not be an imposition on it. One of the concentrator's most impressive features is the variety of battery and power options it gives you. You can choose the single-battery or double-battery model, or the model with one single and one double battery for added portable run time. It also comes with both AC and DC power supply adapters.

Similar to the Caire Medical Airsep Focus and the Inova Labs ActivOx 4L, the Inogen One G4 is one of the lightest oxygen concentrators available on the market today. Since the concentrator weighs just 2.8 pounds, you can easily carry it around without it weighing you down. You can opt to attach a simple shoulder strap right on to the device or place it in a black protective carrying case. The device measures 7.2 inches tall, 5.91 inches across and 2.68 deep, so it’s compact as well.

It’s good that Inogen provides you with multiple battery options, since a single battery typically only lasts about 2.7 hours. Other devices in our comparison had batteries that last three to five hours, with one exceeding 10 hours. If you want an Inogen concentrator that packs a little more punch battery-wise, the company also offers the G3 and G2, which can last up to nine and 10 hours, respectively.

The large LCD screen lets you view the flow rate setting, the remaining battery life and other settings. While it is a great option for patients needing a pulse flow concentrator, it does not have continuous flow functionality.

You have three flow rate settings to choose from, depending on your needs. And when the concentrator is on setting two, it still runs quietly, at just 30 decibels. The system is designed to run 24/7, so you can even use it while you sleep if required. It only takes about two minutes for the device to warm up.

With the Inogen One G4, you can choose the battery configuration that’s just right for your lifestyle and price range. Its lightweight build and compact size make it easy to tote around either by hand or with the carrying strap or case. It has a simple LCD screen for navigating the settings easily, and the device runs quietly.

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