A good oxygen concentrator helps you breathe easy no matter what kind of activity you’re participating in. The Oxus has nine flow rate settings, which is more than enough for most users. You can change the flow rate from 1 liter per minute (LPM) up to 5 in half-LPM increments.

The concentrator weighs less than 10 pounds with the battery, and while there are lighter concentrators available (like the Inogen One G4 and the Caire Medical Airsep Focus), you can still pick this one up by the built-in handle without too much struggle. However, it comes with a carrying case and a wheeled cart, so you can carry or roll it around wherever you go.

Included with the concentrator is a rechargeable battery that can last up to about four hours, depending on the flow rate setting. A lower flow rate setting lets your battery last longer than a higher setting does. You also have the option of purchasing a second battery, which will help your concentrator last up to eight hours. Each battery takes approximately three hours to recharge, which you can do with an outlet or car charger thanks to the included AC and DC power adapters.

The concentrator is FAA approved, so you can take it with you on a flight if needed. Measuring 7.6 inches deep, 5.6 inches wide and 11.9 inches tall, it’s small enough for you to board with it as a carry-on and even stow it beneath the seat in front of you.

The simple LCD display screen on the interface lets you easily view your flow rate, battery level and other information. Its handy text alert feature will notify you of any problems or your maintenance schedule as is needed. It also features a built-in dehumidifier, which helps keep your machine free of condensation and running longer.

With the Oxus portable oxygen concentrator, you have the widest selection of oxygen flow rate settings of any in our lineup. With two battery options and a wheeled cart option, you can easily take the concentrator out on the town without having to worry much about the battery dying. Its simple interface lets you view all important information in text form.

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