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Many straight stairlifts will run $3,000 to $5,000 installed, but the AmeriGlide Horizon stairlift offers versatility and ease of use – particularly for steep staircases – for about half as much. It is available in two models: an indoor stair elevator and a weatherproof, outdoor version, which comes with a waterproof cover and foot mat.

The AmeriGlide Horizon uses a rack-and-pinion drive system with an overspeed governor (OSG). It has an aluminum rail with a standard length of 14.75 feet, but extended rails that reach up to 30 feet are available for homes with long staircases. The stairlift has a minimum rail angle of 25 degrees and a maximum angle of 62 degrees, making it a great option for use on steep staircases.

The maximum weight capacity of the standard Horizon unit is 300 pounds, making it a poor option for very heavy users. Even the Plus version supports only 8 pounds more than the standard model, compared with the 50 extra pounds, for 350 pounds total, that the Acorn 130’s premium version supports. The Horizon Plus also has an ergonomic swivel seat that optimizes leg placement.

The Horizon’s seat and footrest fold up when the carriage is not in use. Its profile is 13.5 inches when folded.

AmeriGlide places the joystick controller inside the tip of the armrest, precisely where the fingers rest. Those with limited dexterity can use the joystick on the standard model as either a lever or a button. The Horizon Plus joystick can also swivel the seat with the powered swivel option. The downside of a multifunction joystick is that it may take time to learn how to get the lift to do what you want.

AmeriGlide’s warranty includes five years for the motor and gearbox, gear rack and pinion gear; two years for component parts including the circuit boards; and 30 days for batteries.

AmeriGlide Horizon Stairlift Compare Quotes