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Harmar’s premium straight stairlift offerings are the SL600 Pinnacle Premium and its heavy-duty version, the SL600HD Pinnacle Premium. The stairlift’s advantages include a slim profile and an efficient and easy-to-maintain drive system. The SL600 carries up to 350 pounds and can move at a speed of 20 feet per minute. The SL600HD carries up to 600 pounds and moves at 14 feet per minute.

The SL600’s gear system distinguishes it from the pack. Most stair elevators use a rack-and-pinion system to move their carriages up and down the rails, but the SL600 uses a patented helical-worm-gear drive system. It draws less power than conventional systems and therefore can run twice the number of trips that conventional stairway lifts do on a battery charge. According to Harmar, the stairlift can get up to 40 trips from its battery when fully charged.

Another advantage of SL600 nylon polymer gear drive system is that it doesn’t require grease or special lubricants, so it’s easier to maintain than others on the market. Harmar provides a 10-year warranty on the gear rack (as well as a three-year warranty on parts and a one-year warranty on the 24-volt DC rechargeable battery).

The downside is that the Pinnacle series is the only stairlift with this gear system, so finding a technician or parts when it does need repairs could pose a challenge. Harmar’s web site has a database of certified dealers and installers to contact.

The SL600 has a slim profile when folded – only 10.5 inches out from the rail (17 inches for the SL600HD). It has a wide, padded seat that rotates 90 degrees for an easy transfer on and off. The lift is moved by a rocker control, with wireless remote controls to call and send it up and down stairs, and safety sensors to stop it when an obstruction is encountered. A removable key lock is available for preventing unauthorized use of the stairlift.

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