Pros / iBodyFit offers more workout programs than any other fitness service we reviewed, so you're most likely to find something that fits your needs.

Cons / This online fitness service doesn't offer a companion app, which would help you work out when you don't have your computer with you.

 Verdict / iBodyFit offers excellent customer support and a varied selection of services and fitness programs, making this the best and most well-rounded online fitness service.

iBodyFit is an adaptable online personal training program that offers more workout programs than any other fitness service we reviewed. It has a wide variety of exercise videos, custom workout and diet plans, and personal trainers, plus a dietitian on staff. This online personal trainer doesn't offer a companion app, which can be great for workouts when you're away from your computer, but this doesn't detract from its many excellent features and services. For its superb customer support and numerous services, iBodyFit earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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Offered Services

This online fitness service offers three levels of membership, and the amount of personal support you get increases with each level. iBodyFit has over 40 custom diets plans to choose from, so you can find something to suit your special needs or goals. You can also contact a personal trainer through the website to discuss your specific needs.

At the higher levels of membership, you can get personalized online fitness training plans. You have access to trainer feedback and advice at every level of membership, just not as individualized as the personal attention that comes standard with other services if you're not paying for a high-tier plan. The plans include routines for weight loss and strength training. Fitness trackers are a good way to keep you motivated, and iBodyFit's member section has a place for tracking your progress. Its interface is simple: You just take your measurements, such as weight, biceps and waist, and input them into the site.

The site has a team of certified personal trainers with expertise in specific areas of exercise or sports, such as Pilates and weightlifting, and they create the videos and fitness routines. A certified dietitian makes the diet plans. As with most online fitness services, you can stream workout videos, but you can't download them, so you can't watch them without internet access.

Fitness Programs

There are over 400 videos on iBodyFit, demonstrating exercises such as Pilates, aerobics and machine workouts. The videos demonstrate the exercises clearly and have modifications for your level of fitness, though some lack sound. You can adapt the workout plans to a wide variety of fitness goals and needs, such as senior fitness or injury recovery. You'll also find programs for specific needs, such as wedding day, triathlon and youth workouts. iBodyFit has a program for you, regardless of your situation or needs.

This online fitness program offers detailed written instructions you can print and take with you to the gym, as well as printable diet plans and grocery lists. You can also get the routine on your mobile device. However, this online personal trainer lacks an app, unlike Daily Burn, so the transition might not be smooth.

Support & Resources

During our evaluation process, we found that iBodyFit offers excellent customer support. It answered every email we sent promptly, often within an hour, and with all the information we needed to move forward confidently.

One of the major benefits of online fitness services over traditional gym memberships is that most online services allow you to cancel at any time. iBodyFit takes this concept and makes it even better by forgoing automatic billing. Each term of service lasts 30 days, without contracts or the fear of letting an online subscription go unnoticed and charged to your account month after month.

iBodyFit has a blog where you can find motivational articles and helpful information on fitness and nutrition. This is also one of the only online fitness services that offers telephone support, which can be very helpful when you need to speak to someone directly, as opposed to through email.


iBodyFit is a strong online exercise program with a wide selection of fitness videos, accommodations for particular dietary needs and support from qualified trainers. Depending on your plan, you can't always expect the highly customized workouts you might receive standard with other services, but iBodyFit is still a comprehensive program for meeting your specific fitness goals and needs.

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