Pros / Train Online has a wealth of printable workout plans and videos, which you can use to create a fitness program to fit your lifestyle.

Cons / The company lacks recipes and nutrition guides, meaning you have to research healthy diets on your own.

 Verdict / Train Online is simple and inexpensive, offering great workout videos and additional resources as you develop a routine that works for you. Ultimately, this service is best for those who want to build their own workout routine.

Train Online is an online fitness service offering print and video exercises, workout plans, expert trainers and an active online community. The service doesn't include diet plans, but you get a wide array of general information and exercise tips. This site's excellence in providing helpful and comprehensive information to the independent exerciser earns it our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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This online fitness training service provides numerous videos and plenty of information about how to become your own personal trainer. The site is well researched and accessible, but communication with a personal trainer is fairly sparse, as you can only send emails to the trainer in a text box on your dashboard. In our experience, the trainer would respond intermittently and wasn't always the most reliable source of information, especially compared to the online workout programs' trainers from our top two picks: iBodyFit and Daily Burn.

Train Online has hundreds of printable workout plans, plus exercise videos at varying levels of difficulty. Illustrations show you what muscle groups each exercise targets. You can print the workout routines or watch exercises on your cell phone via video download packs.

This is not an ideal program if you need the one-on-one attention and follow-up that a dedicated personal trainer can provide. However, there's a Train Online employee who can answer questions online about diet and nutrition, weight or strength training, cardio workouts, and overall physical fitness.

The lack of an assigned personal trainer and an app brought Train Online's score down slightly, but this site is still accommodating to people of different skill levels for certain exercises, even if they are already familiar with fitness routines. The videos are also clear and precise, letting you figure out each exercise and how to get the most out of it in the absence of a personal trainer.

Recording your progress and seeing it on a graph can be motivating. Train Online offers seven different ways to track your measurements and stats. The training plan allows you to mark when you have completed each workout and includes an area for you to record your thoughts.

Fitness Programs

Train Online focuses on muscle-building exercises of every type, including Pilates, free weights, machines and aerobics. Each body part has an exercise section dedicated to toning it or building it up. If you like a particular exercise, you can list it on your favorites. Every week, Train Online posts new exercise videos for you to try.

The site also has some exercise routines specifically designed to help you with weight loss or events like weddings, but it focuses primarily on general fitness rather than a specific goal or area. You can find workouts for senior citizens that are low-impact yet effective and help older exercisers remain healthy and fit. The service also includes short-term workout routines that you can follow for a week or two to burn excess fat quickly yet safely.

Support & Resources

Train Online has an active community in its forums, where you can ask questions on anything from handling knee problems to finding the best mat for floor exercises, or you can just chat. The site's blog shares tips and success stories. Train Online also has a special section with motivational videos that explain the history and importance of fitness and take you through exercise basics, so even if you're new to exercise, you'll find useful information.


Train Online gives you flexibility, knowledge, a wide variety of muscle-building and fat-burning exercise videos, and many useful features. It's an excellent online fitness service for building your own exercise routine using expert resources.

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