Pros / Workouts On Demand has a comprehensive library of video workouts, from five-minute sessions to full classes.

Cons / This online fitness service lacks a company-designed routine, meaning you have to come up with your own schedule and routine to follow.

 Verdict / Workouts On Demand has a variety of different exercise videos, but it lacks the services and specific goal-oriented programs of other online fitness services.

Workouts On Demand is an online fitness service that offers a comprehensive exercise experience, along with a host of other worthwhile features. This service has various videos to help you with your workout process, including standard cardio and weight loss programs as well as yoga and Pilates videos. However, the program lacks many of the services in other online exercise programs, such as a companion app, a service-designed routine and a personal trainer you can communicate directly with.

This online personal trainer has over 200 exercise videos, many of which are grouped to give you different exercises for similar forms (e.g., Cardio Kick #1, Cardio Kick #2 and so on). For people with hectic schedules, there are short exercise videos that last from five to 10 minutes. You can stream these videos on your computer, but the service lacks a mobile app, which would be very helpful if you travel frequently. If you own an LG TV, you can find a Workouts On Demand app to watch workouts on your TV. Unlike the majority of online fitness programs, including iBodyFit, the program lacks a service-designed fitness routine with a schedule to help keep you on track and motivate you to continue working out, so you have to be something of a self-directed learner.

You have access to an unlimited number of exercise video downloads with this online personal training service if you subscribe to the Value Plus or Premier memberships, which are slightly more expensive than the Basic membership plan. The unlimited videos are worth it if you like a lot of variety or aren't sure which workouts you want to do. In case you aren't sure what videos you should try, Workouts On Demand has an exercise video calculator that asks about your fitness level, preferences and goals, and then it recommends videos for you to try.

The food journal helps you track what you eat, your waist-to-hip ratio, and your cholesterol and blood glucose levels. Moreover, your food journal gives you a detailed nutritional analysis of the foods you eat and tells you about the healthfulness of the recipes you feed yourself and your family. However, it does not lay out diet plans for you to follow. Other online fitness services in our review give you more direction in this area.

In place of an online personal trainer, Workouts On Demand offers what it calls "Ask Our Fitness Expert." This service lets you ask fitness questions by email or phone. Under the site's Instructors tab, you can read biographies that fill you in on each trainer's credentials and achievements. The site doesn't have a community forum where you can interact with other members, but it does offer a blog where members can post personal tales, such as success stories or struggles with weight or healthy eating.

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Although it does not offer as much support for diet or fitness lifestyle changes as other online fitness services, Workouts On Demand is a good resource for online exercise videos that you can use to create a workout routine and schedule. This service has some great workout videos to get you going, but the lack of a service-designed routine can hold you back, especially if you need help staying motivated and on track.

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