2nd.MD is a network of specialists in over 120 medical fields. It's pricier than most of the telemedicine services we examined, but its doctors trained or practice in some of the top U.S. institutions. It provides a consultation (often days after the request), and, when applicable, experts can recommend local experts or facilities that can best help you.

2nd.MD is an expensive telemedicine service, but for those who are seeking expert care, perhaps after exhausting their local alternatives, it may be worth the price.

The service recommends itself for times when you are facing a change in medication, surgery or have a new diagnosis. However, we saw several testimonials (posted on 2nd.MD's website) where the patients turned to 2nd.MD when their primary care physician could not help their medical problem or there were no specialists in their local area.

This telehealth company provides what it called concierge care, meaning the team stays with you through the process to make sure your needs are being met. First, you provide information about your medical problem, and it recommends doctors to fit your case. Its network has specialists in over 120 categories, many of which have trained or practice in some of the top medical facilities in America.

Once you've selected your doctor, 2nd.MD schedules the consultation – usually within three days of your request - and arranges for the transfer of the appropriate medical transcripts and records, plus any testing. It is HIPAA-compliant, so this is as safe as transferring records from one doctor's office to another.

The doctor will consult with you on diagnosis and treatments, and sends you notes on your consultation in writing to you have them for your records and future referrals. You can accept your consultation by phone or video conference. When applicable, the service also recommends experts in your local area who take your insurance, enabling you to get quality care.

This telemedicine service's website does not discuss insurances, but it does work with businesses to provide its service as an employee benefit. If your company has an agreement with 2nd.MD, then you may get your consultations at no charge.

2nd.MD telemedicine service connects patients with experts in over 120 fields of medicine to provide consultations and second opinions. It can handle records, get you expert advice and connects you to local experts if they can. This service is not cheap and may not take insurances, but in some cases, it can get you the critical help you need if local medical sources have failed.