HealthTap is a wider-ranging telemedicine service than most because it offers several levels of medical advice. You can search its medical article library for information on common medical ailments and read advice from more than 100,000 medical experts, ask for a consultation or receive a referral. It also provides action checklists to help you manage your health care. This telehealth company works on what it calls a virtual triage system, with in-depth care costing more. It does not list prices online.

The cheapest, simplest first step is to download the HealthTap app, which gives you access to its library of medical questions. This is similar to looking up an ailment or medical question online, except that HealthTap has selected more than 100,000 medical professionals to write answers and advice. This makes it more trustworthy and accurate than results from a Google search may be. The library includes doctor ratings and reviews of more than 4,000 medications and procedures as well, a good resource for when you are looking for more information without quite needing a second opinion.

If that is not enough, then you can register to consult with a doctor. Unlike other telemedicine services, this one works on a subscription basis and offers several levels of consultation – text, phone or video. In addition, it provides actionable checklists so you can tackle the immediate problem and manage your health.

Finally, if your doctor is registered on the HealthTap system, you can subscribe to the Concierge Plan to schedule virtual appointments with them. This gives you access to your primary care doctor from anywhere in the world. If you are interested in this service and your regular doctor is not on it, you can choose from HealthTap's list of doctors, which also include doctors in 100 specialties. The concierge service also includes the ability to get second (third, fourth or even tenth) opinions in a timely manner.

HealthTap's website does not list prices, although it indicates it varies by level of care. You can view the terms of service online. The HealthTap app works for Android or iOS devices, and connects you to reliable medical information and qualified physicians 24/7/365 no matter where you are in the world.

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