MeMD provides telemedicine services by connecting patients with qualified and certified physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants to treat a wide variety of common ailments, give assessments on mild situations that may nonetheless warrant a trip to the emergency room, and prescribe prescriptions, including the occasional refill. While it's not a replacement for your primary care doctor, it is a good alternative for the times it's difficult to get to your primary physician.

While this telemedicine service says it treats only mild, non-emergency ailments, mild lacerations and sprains are on the list. Any parent with an active child who wondered if a tumble warranted stitches or a cast can appreciate being able to get confirmation from a virtual doctor before making the trip to the emergency room. You can also seek treatment for some not-so-common ailments like head lice, dehydration and yeast infections.

The online doctors can prescribe medications, including refills, a handy thing when you run out of medicines and cannot get an appointment with your primary care physician. They will, however, want to assess your situation first to see if a refill is in your best interest or if you should speak to your doctor. They cannot prescribe elective medications or drugs listed by the DEA as controlled substances, and generally will not refill more than one 90-day refill in a six-month period.

All practitioners with this service are certified in their field and meet the requirements of the National Committee for Quality Assurance, a private nonprofit organization for improving health care quality. MeMD only connects you with a doctor licensed in your state or the state you are in when calling. The company itself is HIPAA compliant and offers bank-level security of all your data.

The payment is about standard for the industry and not much more than a copay for visiting your regular doctor. This telehealth company does not take insurances but can take payments from FSA, HSA and HRA accounts.

MeMD is a good alternative to waiting in the emergency room or traveling to the doctor for a routine but urgent medical issue. In addition to the common ailments addressed by most telemedicine services, these physicians will advise on strains and mild lacerations and prescribe refills of regular medications on a limited basis. It does not accept insurances but does take payments made from FSA, HSA or HRA accounts.