Virtuwell is a telemedicine service that offers 24/7 diagnosis and treatment for 60 common ailments. These include worrisome issues that you want advice on but may not warrant a trip to the emergency room, such as high fevers or vomiting. It can also include routine issues like allergies, skin conditions or women's health problems. This service charges by visit and takes some insurances. It also offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Unlike most telemedicine services, Virtuwell is staffed exclusively by certified nurse practitioners (CNPs). While CNPs lack a doctorate in medicine, they all have a Master of Science in nursing and are U.S. national board-certified. CNPs can prescribe medications and are often abreast of the latest medical techniques. However, they are not medical specialists. If you need more specialized care from an online doctor, check the other telehealth services in our guide.

These online nurses can also diagnose and treat ailments for kids. However, for some conditions, a child needs to be a certain age. For example, they will not treat bladder infections for children under 15. This may be the case with other telehealth companies, but this one lists the age ranges for each ailment, making it a good idea to check the website first before calling.

To contact a nurse at Virtuwell, you register for the service, have a brief patient interview that includes reviewing any allergies to medications you may have as well other standard questions, and then speaking to an online nurse. CNPs may need photos in order to diagnose some problems. This is common for telemedicine companies, but Virtuwell was the only site we found that gives tips for taking photos that they can best use.

If you need a prescription or treatment plan, the nurse practitioner will get it written and emailed to you or the pharmacy of your choice within 30 minutes. After that, the CNP takes care of billing. This telehealth company charges a flat rate per visit, but it can file with your insurance company first and will only charge your credit card after it's heard back from your health plan.

Virtuwell is an online clinic of certified nurse practitioners who provide 24/7 medical diagnosis and treatment for over 60 common illnesses and conditions. They can prescribe medication and charge your insurance company.

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