Pros / This bathroom scale can handle 440 pounds, which is considerably more weight than most smart scales can measure.

Cons / This scale is designed for only one user.

 Verdict / The Escali SmartConnect Body Scale is a sleek bathroom scale equipped with useful weight loss tools. Unfortunately, its single-user design makes it a bad choice for a family.

Whether you prefer Apple or Android smartphones, as long as you are equipped with the Escali SmartConnect Body Scale and its free app, you can advance toward your fitness goals and keep track of important health data to see how you are progressing. This bathroom scale can weigh anyone up to 440 pounds, which is substantially more weight than other smart weight scales can handle.

You can connect the scale to your smartphone or mobile device through Bluetooth technology, which we found very easy to do, and the Escali app and your personal user account can track how much you weigh, your previous weight and your body mass index. The memory system can store 100 of your previous weights. You can also set goals, track your calorie intake, keep an eye on how meals and snacks affect your weight, and keep a history of your water intake.

This weight scale can measure and track body fat, bone density, muscle mass, body mass index and other stats in addition to your weight. You are only able to view your weight and BMI on the scale itself – the rest you can view only on the mobile app.

During our testing we found that this scale provided accurate and consistent weight measurements. For instance, we performed tests with multiple free weights and received very accurate results. Additionally, when our volunteers stepped onto the scale multiple times in rapid succession, we received consistent results.

One difficulty with this digital bathroom scale is that only one user can establish a personal account and sync a smartphone to the scale. If someone else wants to weigh in, such as one of your family members or roommates, that individual must re-sync the scale to his or her smartphone and have a user account. If you and your spouse hop on and off the scale, it will mean re-syncing each time, or else you will get the other person's data. Many smart scales offer 10 or more profiles, so a single profile is a major disadvantage with this scale. If you want a smart scale that allows for more user accounts, you might want to consider the Weight Gurus scale.

The Escali SmartConnect app is compatible with Apple and Android products. It works with iPhone 4S and newer, iPad third generation and newer, iPad mini and newer and iPod touch fifth generation and newer. The app works on iOS 6 or newer. This app is also compatible with Android devices that employ Bluetooth 4.0 technology and run Android 4.3 or above. The app, however, isn’t the best. We found that overall it seems more focused on food tracking rather than health tracking overall.

The free app you get with this bathroom weight scale has two components: a health section and a kitchen section. The kitchen section allows you to input information about food and water consumption. The app relies on a Food and Drug Administration list that includes nutritional facts. You can use it to track your calories for a week, month or year. Unfortunately, you can use only one third-party app with this system, and it requires a fee.

This bathroom scale is slim and attractive, boasting a black, modernistic, glossy surface with no promotional logos staring you in the face. It would look good in just about any bathroom. It weighs 4.4 pounds, is an inch high and is a square of 12.6 inches in length and width.

The customer support is superb. You can call a general customer service number and get patient, helpful and courteous answers to any questions you have, along with technical support. This weight scale also provides a lifetime warranty, product manual, FAQs page, email support and community forums.

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  2. 7  Escali SmartConnect
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  3. 95.0 %
  4. 2  Yunmai
    95.0 %
  5. 90.0 %
  6. Category Average
    92.14 %


The Escali SmartConnect Body Scale is one of the top 10 bathroom scales and can weigh you even if your weight has crept as high as 440 pounds. It tracks your weight history, nutritional data, water information and more as you work toward your fitness goals. This is a handsome, easy-to-read digital device, and the company provides first-rate customer service. However, the trouble of re-syncing the scale and your smartphone each time a new person uses it makes it a poor fit for families who want to use it together.

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