Pros / The Air Oasis Air Quality Test comes with two tests per kit so you can test the indoor and outdoor air.

Cons / Air Oasis does not offer a laboratory analysis, meaning you won't be able to tell what kind of mold is living in your house.

 Verdict / This mold test kit is best suited to determine if mold has continued to grow in your home after a mold-removal treatment.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 Mold Test Kits here.

The Air Oasis Air Quality Test is an indoor mold test kit with a simple function. Air Oasis specializes in air purifiers, and people use this test to verify that the air filter is doing its job. However, it is sold as a dedicated mold detector and comes with two petri dishes for outdoor and indoor air quality tests. The mold test does not have a laboratory analysis option, which means Air Oasis cannot give you a mycology report. A mold-removal expert will not accept a home mold test sample without a full mycology report.

The Air Oasis Air Quality Test identifies mold, yeast and bacteria, but you won't be able to determine the specific species that are growing in your house. The mold test comes with two petri dishes, one for inside and the other for outside. This is good as an informational resource so you can see how much mold is getting into your house from your local environment.

Air Oasis does not offer a laboratory analysis with its mold test kits. Mold-removal specialists will accept a consumer-level mold test only if it comes with a full mycology report. This has to come from a lab that's been accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA). If you simply give a specialist a moldy petri dish, he or she will still need to perform a professional mold test. Unfortunately, a petri dish is all Air Oasis can offer.

Air Oasis offers virtually no information about the Air Quality Test on its website. The website offers a telephone number and email address, but after multiple contact attempts, we never reached a customer service representative. The website has a FAQs section, but it is mostly dedicated to the company's other products. Unfortunately, the website does not have a video section to provide further information about the kit or how to use it.

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The Air Oasis Air Quality Test is fine for performing a basic indoor mold test, but you cannot use it to identify specific types of mold problems. Additionally, the kit does not offer a lab analysis, so the kit won't help lessen the cost of professional mold removal and testing. Overall, this mold test kit is best to determine if mold is still present after a mold-removal specialist has treated your house, but it can't give you a detailed analysis.

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