Pros / The EDLab Allergen Screen Test is easy to use and lets you gather a sample quickly.

Cons / This kit only has one piece of lift tape and doesn’t include any other test methods.

 Verdict / This mold detector is good for people with allergies since it identifies more indoor pollutants and allergens than any other mold test kit we reviewed.

The EDLab Allergen Screen Test is a mold test kit that gathers particulates that have settled on a surface in your home. This mold detector lacks test quantity and diversity, but once you get your included laboratory analysis, you'll know exactly what pollutants you have in your home, including dangerous colonies like black mold. The kit is missing a few testing options, and the help and support section of the website could use some improvements. Fortunately, EDLab's mycology laboratory provides complete and accurate allergen test reports.

This mold detector is designed to gather indoor samples of particles that have settled on a surface, indicating the presence of mold or other pollutants. The testing kit comes with a single piece of lift tape and a protective shipping case. When you're ready to test, you stick the tape to any surface, reapply the wax-paper backing and set it inside the kit. You have to be careful not to touch the sample area of the adhesive strip or the test analysis can generate false results.

The EDLab Allergen Screen Test identifies mold, fiberglass, dust mites, formaldehyde, organic vapor bacteria, staph, fungus and mycotoxin. This is the most complete list of indoor pollutants we've seen. Unfortunately, because it is a single adhesive strip test, it won't give you a great representation of the active pollutants floating through your indoor air. EDLab suggests gathering a sample near or on a return air grille on a ventilation system to get a more accurate representation of what indoor pollutants are in your home.

Every EDLab test kit comes with a full laboratory analysis. The report is emailed to you three to five days after the lab receives your samples. The report gives you a chart of each particle and tells you if the findings are normal, moderate or high. After the pathogen chart, the next several pages define what each pollutant is and how it can affect your health, but it does not provide details about the findings in your home. If you have any questions about the report, you can call the laboratory for a free consultation.

While we appreciate the post-analysis customer support, EDLab's website could use some improvements on its presale and testing help. The website lacks an FAQs section or video tutorials. Customer support is available by email and telephone. Fortunately, the test is easy to use, and once you get your lab analysis, you can count on fantastic support from EDLab.

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The EDLab Allergen Screen Test is a simple mold test kit that lacks diverse sampling methods, but the included lab analysis gives you a total report of virtually any pollutant you have in your home. The company's website could use some improvement, but the Allergen Screen Test gives you plenty of information to determine whether you have a mold problem in your home.

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