Pros / The EDLab Evalu-Aire Basic kit includes a free mycology report with the kit, so you don't have to pay any additional lab fees.

Cons / Getting the kit ready for testing is a little more complicated than other mold test kits we reviewed.

 Verdict / This mold detector comes with two mold tests per kit, which allows you to get a detailed picture of what is growing in your home.

The EDLab Evalu-Aire Basic is an in-depth mold test kit that includes two tests and a mycology report. This mold detector is more expensive than any other test kit we reviewed, but keep in mind that cost includes lab analysis, for which other kits charge an extra fee. Furthermore, this report is one of the broadest that we've seen because it breaks down the levels of several pollutants you have in your home. The included laboratory analysis has a fast turnaround time, and if you have any questions, EDLab provides free telephone consultations for its customers. Although the Evalu-Aire Basic's sampling is not as easy as other mold test kits, we like the included mycology report because of its clear organization and simple language.

The EDLab Evalu-Aire Basic is unlike any other kit for mold testing we reviewed. When you open the packaging, you'll see a small air pump and a sample plate. The air pump requires some assembly, and when you run the three-minute mold test, you'll have to deal with its surprisingly loud motor. The instructions for how to test for mold are simple to understand, and we finished this test faster than any other air sampling kit we reviewed. However, the Evalu-Aire Basic is much more involved than any other test kit, which leaves more room for human error and inaccurate test results.

Fortunately, the EDLab Evalu-Aire Basic also includes lift tape, which is an easier mold-testing method. While the air sample picks up active particulates, the lift tape can help you determine what has settled in a room. When we received our lab analysis, the two tests revealed very different particles and gave a complete picture of the indoor air quality.

EDLab is one of the few mold test suppliers that includes a free mycology report with its kits. The laboratory is certified by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), which means that it must submit to blind tests each month to maintain its accreditation. Once you receive your report, you can call the laboratory for a free consultation. The report itself will tell you the level of several common indoor pollutants that are found in the sample, such as pollen, insect fragments and skin-cell fragments. The report is easy to read, and it provides more detailed information than other laboratory reports that we received.

While each black mold test comes with a free laboratory analysis and professional consultant, EDLab's website does not include video tutorials or FAQs. If you need help with your mold test kit, you'll have to email or call customer support representatives.

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The EDLab Evalu-Aire Basic is a dynamic mold test kit that includes two different sample methods and a free laboratory analysis. It is more expensive than any other mold test on our list, but thoroughness of the mycology report is worth the expense.

EDLab Evalu-Aire Basic Visit Site

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