Pros / Each kit includes a free lab analysis that is thorough, yet easy to understand.

Cons / The kit only comes with one test, meaning you can only test for mold in one location.

 Verdict / The EDLab Mold Screen Check is simple to use, and after you receive your lab analysis, EDLab consults with you on how to remove the mold.

Many of the mold detectors we reviewed test for bacteria, yeast and allergens, but if you simply want to test for mold in your house, the EDLab Mold Screen Check gives you everything you need. The basic mold test kit includes a single piece of lift tape for surface sampling and the company includes a full analysis with each kit. Unfortunately, it only offers one sampling method, and the pre-purchase customer service on the website could use improvement.

This mold detector comes with a single piece of lift tape, called the Bio-Scan 400, for surface sampling. It looks like a bandage with a strip of wax paper attached to the sticky side. In order to test for mold, you stick the lift tape to any surface, replace the wax paper and place the Bio-Scan 400 in its protective case. You cannot get results at home, but EDLab will analyze the sample in its lab for no extra charge and send you a report.

This testing report is easy to understand and will tell you if you have high levels of dangerous molds, such as black mold, in your home. You typically receive the report six days after the lab receives the sample.

EDLab's American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) accreditation means it is tested monthly and is held to a high standard. This accreditation allows you to save time by testing for mold on your own and showing the results to a mold-removal specialist. This can give the specialist a good idea where to start on your mold problem.

The report is easy to read, showing you simple charts of the types and amount of mold yin your sample and explaining how these molds affect health and homes. Unfortunately, the definitions do not offer personal explanations about the mold you sampled from your home. If you have any questions or need advice about what to do after receiving your report, EDLab offers free telephone consultation with an expert.

While we are impressed with EDLab's post-test support, the company does not offer much pretest help on its website. It does not have FAQs or video tutorials explaining how to test for mold. A phone number and email address are provided, but we had trouble reaching a representative when we tried.

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The EDLab Mold Screen Check is a basic mold test kit that allows you to test for dangerous mold in your house. Unfortunately, the kit only includes one test, but each kit includes a complete laboratory analysis. The Mold Screen Check kit is simple to use and allows you to give a full mycology report to a mold-removal specialist.

EDLab Mold Screen Check Visit Site

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