Pros / The First Alert MT1 allows you to test up to nine rooms in your home for mold.

Cons / You have to pay for every sample you send to the laboratory, and the lab is not AIHA-certified.

 Verdict / The First Alert MT1 helps you determine if you have a mold problem, but many mold-removal specialists may not accept the mycology report.

The First Alert MT1 is a mold test kit you can use to determine which rooms in your house have a mold problem, if you suspect mold in your home. This kit allows you to test up to nine areas in your house for dangerous molds, such as black mold, but you have to pay for every test strip you send to the lab. Unfortunately, First Alert uses an outside laboratory that lacks the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) certification. However, you get basic information about how to test for mold, and you can narrow down which rooms in your house have the worst mold problems.

The First Alert MT1 is a mold detector that allows for both surface and physical sampling. The kit includes a return envelope, a bag and nine pieces of lift tape. Once you've gathered the samples, you send it to First Alert's contracted mycology laboratory. Most mycology labs charge a single fee for a full analysis and report, but First Alert's lab charges $10 per sample, so if you send all nine pieces of lift tape back, you'll pay an additional $90 for your mold report.

Mold-removal specialists only recognize results from a home mold detector that provides an AIHA-certified mycology report. Unfortunately, the First Alert's lab is EPA-accredited, but it is not AIHA-certified. You may find a removal expert who will use this report, but this may be a difficult task. However, you can use this kit to determine which rooms have mold problems so you can decide what your next steps are.

When you go to First Alert's website, it is difficult to find information on the MT1 mold test kit, and when you do find a page for the kit, it lacks critical information. In First Alert's store, you can find a video demo, but it doesn't walk you through the instructions. Customer support representatives are available by phone, but they aren't very knowledgeable about this mold test kit.

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The First Alert MT1 is a whole-house mold test kit with plenty of supplies to gather samples from every room in your house. However, you have to pay for every sample you send to the laboratory, and you may not be able to give the report to a mold-removal professional.

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