Hearing Assist HA-1800 CIC: Price, spec, design, features, user reviews

The Hearing Assist HA-1800 CIC hearing aid for mild to moderate hearing loss is worth considering if you’re looking for an affordable and discreet device.

Hearing Assist HA-1800 CIC
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Early Verdict

The Hearing Assist HA-1800 CIC is an entry-level hearing aid for mild to moderate hearing loss. It’s discreet, lightweight, affordable, and designed to deliver crystal-clear sound amplification with four adjustable levels of volume.


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    Discreet when worn

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    Four volume levels


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    Only comes in one color

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The Hearing Assist HA-1800 CIC (completely in the canal) is a popular choice among people dealing with mild to moderate hearing loss, and could be one of the best hearing aids for you if you want a discreet and affordable device. As well as being small and light (just 2g), the Hearing Assist HA-1800 CIC ticks a lot of boxes regarding comfort and fit. While it might lack the finesse of its more expensive competitors, there’s plenty to like about the Hearing Assist HA-1800 CIC.

Features to look for in a hearing device

According to advice published by the American-Speech-Language Association (ASLH), a hearing aid should have as standard a microphone to pick up sound, a volume adjuster (amplifier), a receiver that sends the louder sounds to your ear, an on/off switch, and a built-in battery. Additional features include a directional mic to focus on sound from a specific direction, and a telephone switch for hearing better when speaking on the phone.

Compared to legacy brands, Hearing Assist is a relatively new company, founded in 2008, and aims to provide affordable hearing solutions for mild to moderate hearing loss. The company specializes in over-the-counter aids that you can buy without the need for a hearing test. So if this level of purchasing flexibility is important to you, coupled with a lower price tag, the HA-1800 CIC could be a good choice.

While we have not personally reviewed this product, we have evaluated it in terms of cost and value for money, design, features, and, where available, existing user reviews. By doing so, we aim to provide you with a more in-depth analysis of the Hearing Assist HA-1800 CIC to see if it’s worth your time looking into it further.

Hearing Assist is marketing the HA-1800 CIC towards people aged 18 and under, and encourages users to read the instructions for the device beforehand. The company’s product disclaimer also advises customers to speak to their doctor before using the HA-1800 CIC, or any hearing aid.

Hearing Assist HA-1800: Spec

  • FDA classification: Class 1 medical device
  • Design: completely in the canal
  • Fit: Universal (left or right)
  • Noise reduction: Advanced Background Noise Reduction
  • Processor: 8-channel Digital Signal Processor
  • Battery life: 70 hours maximum (8-pack included)

Hearing Assist HA-1800 CIC

(Image credit: Hearing Assist)

Hearing Assist HA-1800: Price and availability

The Hearing Assist HA-1800 CIC is so-called because it cost $1,800 upon initial release. The company who originally made the hearing aid sold the business to Hearing Assist, which subsequently lowered the RRP to $399.99 per device. The company is currently running a discount on the HA-1800 CIC, reducing the price to $300, though we do not know if this lower price is permanent. 

The low price, of course, means you get a very straightforward hearing device with no frills or fancy features. There’s no denying that at its new lower price, it’s great value for money. In addition, the HA-1800 hearing aid can be paid for in installments, if you don’t have the funds to pay for it outright. When buying from the Hearing Assist site, for example, you could pay from $25 a month with Affirm credit. 

Where to find the cheapest prices on the Hearing Assist HA-1800 online:
At the time of writing, the HA-1800 CIC is the cheapest on Hearing Assist’s own website, priced at $300. The hearing aid is also available from two major retailers, Amazon and Walmart. TheHearing Assist HA-1800 CIC currently costs $349.99 at Walmart, and is slightly higher with a price tag of $399.99 at Amazon.

Hearing Assist HA-1800 CIC

(Image credit: Hearing Assist)

Hearing Assist HA-1800: Design

The design of the Hearing Assist HA-1800 is straightforward and typical of most CIC devices. It only comes in black, which shouldn't be too much of a problem as the small-sized device would tuck nearly into the ear without poking out too far. Some people may even mistake it for earbud-style headphones.

Caring for your device: Expert tips

The ASLH’s top tips include checking the batteries regularly, and keeping a spare battery on hand. Cleaning the hearing aid according to your audiologist’s instructions or those given to you by the manufacturer if you’re buying direct. Finally, keep your hearing aid dry, and have regular hearing aid listening checks. 

Talking of size, the big selling point of the completely in the canal Hearing Assist HA-1800 is its tiny form factor and light weight (2g), making it ideal if you want a hearing aid that you can almost pop in and forget you’re wearing.

The neat design incorporates two ways for you to select the four individual volume levels: press the volume button on the battery door, or use the EarTap function by lightly tapping on the device. Either way you will hear a beep to indicate your current volume level. The EarTap might take a little practice at first, but in time it should become a more convenient way to adjust the hearing aid’s volume.

The Hearing Assist HA-1800 CIC adopts a universal fit so that it can be placed in either your right or left ear, and comes with an assortment of ear tips so that you can find the most comfortable and secure-feeling tip for the shape of your ear canal.

Hearing Assist HA-1800: Features 

Hearing Assist prides itself on the HA-1800 hearing aid’s crystal-clear digital sound amplification, which is provided by medical-grade American digital signal processing chips. In fact, the HA-1800 CIC is designed, engineered and assembled in the USA with all American parts.

Advanced features include ambient noise reduction, feedback suppression, noise compression technology, and a handy low-battery signal. The HA-1800 takes a size 10A hearing aid battery and guarantees up to 70 hours of use. Let’s break those features down further… 

Ambient noise reduction
This technology enables you to reduce background, which is similar to digital signal processing (DSP), used to pinpoint background noise and to lower its volume. This is a handy feature to have when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone in a crowded room.

Hearing Assist HA-1800 CIC

(Image credit: Hearing Assist)

Feedback suppression
When hearing aids are exposed to loud volumes, they can experience large amounts of feedback. This is due to noise being picked up through the microphone inside the aid, which is then amplified, producing an uncomfortable ringing noise. Feedback suppression controls that, creating clearer sound from the hearing aid.

Noise compression
Background noise can make it difficult to understand what people are saying, and that’s doubly difficult for people with hearing loss. Noise compression in the Hearing Assist HA-1800 CIC aims to reduce hearing aid gain (volume) for background noise, while leaving the gain for speech intact so that you can hear more clearly and comfortably.

Hearing Assist HA-1800: User reviews 

Hearing Assist shares a few testimonials on its website for the HA-1800 CIC and other models, which focus on the value for money and efficiency of these aids. Some of the user reviews praise the customer service too. 

One review cited that the hearing aids were, “better than my $6,000 otologist purchase”, while another happy customer who purchased them for his wife said the hearing aids were so comfortable that she, “forgets she’s wearing them”.

Other customers were pleased to be able to use the Hearing Assist HA-1800 CIC straight out the box and were impressed at the level of amplification for the lower price.

Buyers from Walmart were also impressed at the ease of use of the HA-1800 CIC. One five-star review shared her husband’s experience: “There are so many sounds that he can hear now that he hasn't been able to for many years.”

Another user review on Walmart said, “It was easy to set up and use, and the different ear tips make it easy to find one that will fit your ear.”

Meanwhile, an existing user who left a three-star review was left unimpressed by the lack of color choice, saying they would, “like this better in a more neutral shade”. They also offered some feedback on usage, advising potential buyers to “turn down all settings before inserting [the aid] so as not to damage hearing with volumes that are too loud, and adjust options from there.”

Hearing Assist HA-1800 CIC

(Image credit: Hearing Assist)

Hearing Assist customer service, shipping and refunds

Hearing Assist offers new customers up to 60 days of delivery to use the HA-1800 CIC. If you aren't happy with the product, you should call Hearing Assist on 800.640.9785 within that 60-day to arrange a return. Once Hearing Assist receive the HA-1800 CIC from you, it will refund your purchase price, minus the shipping and handling charges.

Hearing Assist has an online chat function, which you could use to speak to someone in real time if you have any questions about the HA-1800 CIC. There is also a full user guide for the HA-1800 CIC published on the Hearing Assist website, which you could read before buying the hearing aid to gain more insight into setting up the device, using it for the first time, and ongoing care needs.

Should you buy the Hearing Assist HA-1800?

If you suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss and are confident that you do not need a hearing test, then you should have no problems with the Hearing Assist HA-1800 CIC. This hearing device is also cheap enough to have as an emergency back-up should anything happen to your main device. 

The HA-1800 CIC is easy to set up and is good to go straight out of the box (batteries are included), which makes it a no-brainer, especially at this price. Meanwhile, decent amplification and a comfortable fit simply sweetens the deal further. However, if you are looking for something with a bit more flexibility, in terms of color, volume and features, then this might not be for you.

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