Hitch Fit review

Hitch Fit is like having a personal trainer in your home gym, and is based around customized workout programs for weight loss, muscle building and healthy living.

Hitch Fit review
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With its wide variety of workout programs and personalized workout plans, Hitch Fit is worth considering if you have a specific goal you're trying to achieve, or you need more attention from a personal trainer when working out at home.


  • +

    Personalized workout programs

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    Helps you figure out your goals

  • +

    Aids weight loss and muscle gain

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    Suitable for a range of ages


  • -

    Some plans are very expensive

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Hitch Fit creates customized workout plans and programs to help you achieve a number of health and fitness goals, whether you’re training for a bodybuilding event, toning up for a special occasion, or looking to boost your overall fitness and mobility. The plans vary in terms of cost, and for the price you get fitness and diet advice, making it one of the best online fitness programs for tackling your eating habits too. 

There are Hitch Fit plans for all ages, including seniors, and for people of varying fitness abilities from beginners through to semi-pros (for example, people who take part in bodybuilding competitions). When you sign up you’ll get access to workouts that you can watch and follow along with, plus printable training guides, personal exercise plans. You’ll also get weekly feedback to help you stay on track and adjust your approach as needed.

Hitch Fit review: Overview

We’ll say straight away that Hitch Fit isn’t ideal if you need an online fitness program that you can access via an app, as there isn’t one, unlike wit Daily Burn. You can, of course, watch your Hitch Fit workout videos and view your training plans via your laptop or even your smartphone if you’re away from your computer, though the videos may be too small for you and the user experience won’t be so good.

Via the Hitch Fit YouTube channel you can watch numerous short instructional videos that demonstrate proper form and technique for various exercises. This is helpful, as too often those of us who are new to exercise can develop an injury from poor form or technique when trying new workouts.

Once you purchase a Hitch Fit plan, you own the workout video outright. That means you can continue to workout in your home gym, using the exercises suggested for your fitness goals, long after the initial program is over. This will help you maintain the healthy habits you’ve developed throughout your Hitch Fit training.

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Hitch Fit review: Getting started

When you first visit the Hitch Fit website for home workouts, you’ll see a range of before and after photos of people who have already completed various Hitch Fit exercise plans. It’s important to remember that your personal results will naturally vary, so don’t choose a plan just because you like the look of someone’s body in their after photo. Why? Because your natural body shape might be different, or the workout plan they followed might not be suitable for your current fitness or goals.

Hitch Fit custom workout and meal plans usually take around 12-36 weeks to complete, and yes you can revisit specific elements of them once your program has finished. The customized plans are created by Hitch Fit’s owners, transformation coaches Micah LaCerte and Diana Chaloux-LaCerte, who are also available to answer questions regarding your workout plans and aims. 

Once you purchase a Hitch Fit workout plan based on your fitness goals, Hitch Fit sends you a questionnaire and a link to download a video and ebook. The ebook has general information on fitness and nutrition, while the video has demonstrations for the various exercises you'll use. This gets you started while Hitch Fit’s trainers create your actual personalized exercise and diet plan.

Hitch Fit review: Cost and plans

Each program contains 12-36 weeks’ worth of workouts, depending on how often you exercise and which workout plan you select. The programs are divided by difficulty level. For example, the Bikini Model program is more intense than the Lose Weight, Feel Great program. In addition, individual exercises have suggestions to adapt them to beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.

The Hitch Fit personal trainers provide support via weekly emails. Once a week, you’ll need to contact them with your weight, waist and hip measurements so they can track your progress. Obviously, the downside to this is that you are accountable for keeping tabs on your measurements and for checking in with them, so you need to be motivated.

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The weekly check-in is also your chance to tell them how you’re feeling, and what's working or not working for you. They’ll get back to you with changes you can make to your plan if you’re struggling with certain exercise, or with words of support if you need some extra motivation or encouragement to stay on track.

While Hitch Fit provides online personal training, the website lacks resources for tracking your progress and stats, so you'll need to find other tools for this. In terms of calorie active minutes tracking, we’d recommend the best fitness trackers. Hitch Fit does have a Facebook group, plus a blog and group support, so you’re never far from a fellow Hitch Fit workout buddy.

There are 16 Hitch Fit plans, with the more popular plans costing the following:

  • Lose Weight Feel Great - $267.99
  • Build Muscle - $412.99
  • Couples Bootcamp - $435.99
  • Plus Plan (lose up to 100lbs+) - $407.99
  • Get Big Get Ripped - $602.99
  • Bridal Bootcamp - $299.99
  • Post Pregnancy Weight Loss - $267.99

Hitch Fit review: Effectiveness

Hitch Fit's strength lies in its specialized workout plans with dietary advice, and are essentially a way for you to work with experienced personal trainers from the comfort of your own home. So no visiting a gym or having to get through endless physical tests. If you're interested in something more specific than general health, you can easily find a workout routine and diet plan to meet your goals here. 

There are plans for people on a vegetarian or gluten free diet, plus plans for those who want to build muscle or even get in shape for their upcoming wedding. The most unique workout plan offered by Hitch Fit is the Faithfully Fit exercise plan, described as ‘faith based fitness transformation’. 

Hitch Fit offers a couples bootcamp workout plan for you and your partner to get fit together, as well as a Plus Plan for people who have up to 100lbs+ to lose. There’s a wide range of before and after photographs on the website showing the various physical transformations of people who have followed one of the plans, with the Weight Loss Plus Plan being one of the more popular plans for lowering excess body weight. 

This plan ranges from 24-36 weeks to complete, and comes with a customized meal plan and a Mental Preparation Guide to get you in the right mindset.

Should I buy a Hitch Fit plan?

Hitch Fit offers a decent variety of specialized programs, all with custom meal plans and proper personal trainer support from the comfort of your own home. This means you can find a workout routine and diet plan to meet your specific fitness goal. The trainers are qualified, enthusiastic and experienced, and you have weekly check-ins with them via email to keep you on track.

Although it lacks some of the online capabilities most other services have, most notably a mobile app and tracking tools, Hitch Fit is worth considering if you want a more specialized, one-on-one home workout program that doesn’t require specialist cardio or weights gear such as the best treadmills or exercise bikes.

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