Dell XPS 27 7760 Review

This desktop computer stands out right away because of the large speakers built right into the front of the computer.

Early Verdict

If you use your home computer to play a lot of music or movies, the Dell XPS 27 7760 and its amazing speaker system is ideal.


  • +

    It has a 4K touchscreen.


  • -

    The low webcam shoots at an awkward angle.

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This desktop computer stands out right away because of the large speakers built right into the front of the computer. A total of 10 speakers put out enough audio so you’ll never even have to consider getting a separate Bluetooth unit or sound bar. We played several of our favorite rock songs, and when we really cranked up the volume it was so loud we could hear the tunes through closed doors.

The model we tested has a 3.6GHz Intel Core i7-7700 processor with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB solid-state drive. We ran a test called Geekbench that measures a computer’s ability to perform everyday tasks, and this machine scored 15,749. That’s even faster than the previous XPS 27 7760, which scored 14,586 using the i7-6700 processor. In short, we had a bunch of browser tabs open and didn't experience any lag while we used this computer. Its AMD Radeon RX 570 graphics card can even support some gaming and virtual reality.

All that being said, we tested a rather expensive model. You could instead opt for the Intel Core i5-7400 processor, 8GB of RAM and no 4K touchscreen or articulated stand. Or you can go a step higher if you want to check out different processors, RAM and graphics cards – it just depends on your personal needs and how much money you'd like to spend. The unit we reviewed is the high-end configuration which will run you about $2,500.

Our build has a 27-inch 4K display, the largest of any screen we tested (alongside the 27-inch Apple iMac). Unlike the Apple though, this Dell has a touchscreen that is great for youngsters. The stand on this model also lets you adjust both the angle and the height of the screen so you can set it very low for when you'd like to use the touchscreen. There is a USB 3.0 port, a headphone jack and an SD card slot conveniently located on the side of the screen, but most of the ports are actually on the back of the screen in a spot that's pretty hard to access. These ports, once you finally reach them, include USB slots, an HDMI port, a full-size DisplayPort and an Ethernet port.

You get the Dell Premiere Wireless Keyboard and Mouse KM717 Combo with this desktop unit, which connect through a single USB and run on included AAA batteries. The keyboard is full-sized and has hot keys for controlling your music while the sleek mouse feels good to use and has a scroll wheel. You can also connect it via Bluetooth to your other devices if you wish. Overall, this massive music machine has a great display and decent outputs, making it a great stand-in for a home entertainment system.

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