Pros / It's compatible with the Viper SmartStart GPS car tracker.

Cons / It's expensive.

 Verdict / The Python 5706P is one of the most feature heavy car alarms on the market, which is also why it's among the most expensive.

Both made by Directed, Inc, the Python 5706P model is practically identical to the Viper 5706V. Both utilize the same six-stage siren, dual-stage Stinger DoubleGuard shock sensor and remote start system. And both come with a two-way pager capable of roaming up to a mile from your car. The only significant difference is the price, with the Python being about $20 cheaper.


The biggest downside to the Python 5706P is the price. If you want a car alarm with a dual-stage shock sensor, two-way pager and a remote start system, the Prestige APS997E and Avital 5305L have the same features at $100 less. Much of what you're paying for with a car alarm like this is the name. Python is a well-known car alarm brand, but Viper is even more well-known. As a result, the Viper 5706V costs $200 and the Python 5706P costs $187. The Python is the better option for this reason. That said, having the Viper sticker on your window might be worth it for some.

Alarm Features

Python 5706P is a high-end alarm featuring the Stinger DoubleGaurd shock sensor and the Revenger 6-tone 120-dB siren. With four auxiliary outputs, you can add compatible glass break and tilt sensors to the system, though this increases the price significantly.

The most important feature of the 5706P is the Viper SmartStart compatibility. This module plugs into the OBD connector and connects to the main unit of the alarm to provide car tracking via an app on your smartphone. The app doesn't just track your car's location, allowing for greater success in recovering a stolen vehicle, but it also monitors performance and provides control over the entire system from anywhere. The range of the pager makes no difference when the system is connected to the cellular network. The one downside to the SmartStart GPS is the monthly subscription, so the cost only grows over time.

The Python 5706P features a two-way pager with an LCD display and a mile-long range. When the alarm goes off, or even when a warning has been issued, the pager vibrates or beeps, alerting you to the situation. This means you don't have to hear the alarm to know it's been activated. This saves time because you can investigate and deactivate the alarm sooner. The mile-long range is the longest available and certainly seems to be more range than most people ever need. Just imagine how many times you've parked your car and walk over a mile away from it. The only common occurrences of this are sold-out sporting events where the parking lot is full or when parking in a downtown area of a large city is limited. If these situations are rare for you, then the remote range isn't a selling point. Most people need a range between 1,500 and 2,500 feet.

Convenience Features

One of the main selling points of the 5706P is the remote start system. This is the most valuable convenience feature you can get with a car alarm because it means you can ensure the temperature is always perfect before you enter your car. No more freezing in the w. With the simple push of a button, you can start the engine to warm or cool your car’s interior before you get in. The two-way pager even has a temperature reading on the main display so you can gauge when the vehicle's ready. That said, letting your car idle too long has a detrimental impact on the air quality in your city and has dramatic health implications for others, so be attentive to the temperature indicator and don't let it idle too long.

To ensure someone doesn’t drive off with your car, the car's gears are locked and can't be shifted out of drive without putting the key into the ignition and switching it into the on position. If a thief tries to run off with the car, the engine turns off as soon as they touch the brake. Then they can't turn it on again without the key. To keep the car from unnecessarily idling, a timer shuts off the engine after a set period, usually 15 to 20 minutes. This protects the vehicle from idling unnecessarily.

The Python 5706P car alarm is a high-end car alarm with a high-end price. It's almost identical to the Viper 5706V, except it has a different two-way pager and it costs slightly less. The two-way pager has a one-mile range. This is the longest remote range on the market, if you don’t count car tracking devices. The remote start system is an excellent convenience feature.

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