Pros / The Conair True Glow has three speed settings and a charging dock.

Cons / Our testers rated it as a below-average user experience, and it feels less solid than other devices.

 Verdict / The Conair True Glow is the most affordable of the sonic facial cleansing brushes we tested. It has three speeds and a rechargeable battery, but other devices provide a better user experience.

The Conair True Glow has an MSRP of $54.99 and comes with the cleansing handle, two brush heads and a cap, a charging stand and a DC power supply. Its price is in the mid-range of the facial cleansing brushes we reviewed, and it’s the least expensive of the four sonic devices we tested.

In our tests, the True Glow earned a below-average score of C+ for user performance. We couldn’t tell much difference in the vibration of its three settings, and it was difficult to activate the power button. We also had concerns with durability. The Clarisonic Mia 2 scored highest in user performance, but it is also much more expensive.

“It doesn’t feel as solid as the Mia,” one of our testers said of the Conair cleanser. “Also, the brush head looks like it’s already starting to fray after one use.”

Positive features of this facial cleansing brush include its rechargeable battery and its charging stand. It’s also waterproof for use in the shower. Like the Mia 2, the brush head operates at 300 oscillations per second. It has a one-minute timer that beeps every 10 seconds to remind you to move to a new area of your face.

The True Glow is gentle on sensitive skin and can be used daily on most skin types without causing irritation. If you’re looking for a multipurpose product instead of a device designed solely for facial cleansing, we recommend the Essential Skin Solutions Perfect Skin or the Etereauty 5 in 1 Beauty Care Massager. These brushes come with attachments for microdermabrasion, body care and footcare.

As with most facial cleansing brushes, the recommended replacement time for the True Glow’s brush heads is three months. Replacement brush heads cost $15.99 on Conair’s website and are available for less if you shop around. You should wipe the handle clean with a damp cloth after each use and clean the device thoroughly each week in warm, soapy water and then allow the brush heads to air dry. It’s also a good idea to unplug the charging base weekly for cleaning.

The Conair True Glow has green, yellow and red LED indicators for its speed settings, and it also has an LED charging indicator. Conair provides one year of warranty coverage for the True Glow, which is a common level of consumer protection for these devices. Customer service is available by phone and email.

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