Carrier central air conditioners use a two-stage compressor system to regulate the speed and temperature of the airflow through your house. They also produce less sound than most of their competitors and have acceptable energy consumption levels. In addition, with their innovative WeatherArmor protection, they can stand up to the punishment of being outside year-round.

Most Carrier central AC units are Energy Star qualified, which means they meet the Environmental Protection Agency's criteria for superior energy consumption – one of which is having a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating greater than 15. Carrier central air conditioners have efficiency ratings ranging from 13 SEER to 21 SEER. The average rating across the brand's offerings is 16.7 SEER, which matches the industry average. Buying an Energy Star-qualified unit can save you money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. While most Carrier units meet these standards, other central air conditioners, such as those made by Lennox, have SEER ratings of up to 26.

These central air conditioners use Puron refrigerant that not only cools your home, but also reduces humidity. Humidity is further mitigated by the units’ two-stage compressors, which run longer and at slower speeds instead of at higher-level spurts. The resulting lower humidity makes your home much more comfortable.

Several Carrier central air conditioner units come with an Infinity Touch Control. This is an app you can install on your tablet, smartphone or computer that syncs with the thermostat on your wall so you can control the temperature in your house from anywhere.

With an average sound output of 71.5 decibels, Carrier's units are slightly louder than the 71.25-decibel average across the brands we reviewed. However, at least one Carrier unit has a sound output as low as 56 decibels, making it one of the quietest central air conditioner models we found.

Carrier protects its central AC units from the elements by building them with powder-coated galvanized steel and a louvered coil guard, a combination the company calls WeatherArmor Ultra. This lengthens the air conditioner’s lifespan and makes the unit more durable.

Carrier's offers a respectable 10-years warranty on its units’ compressors, and it covers all other parts for 10 years. However, some models from Amana, Coleman and Goodman have lifetime compressor warranties. As with other manufacturers, Carrier requires you to register your unit for full coverage. Unlike other manufacturers, which give you 60 days to register, Carrier gives you 90 days. If you don’t register your AC unit, warranty coverage defaults to five years on all components.

Carrier Central Air Conditioner Find Contractors
  • Average SEER Rating
  • Average Minimum Sound Levels
  • Best Compressor Warranty
  1. Higher average SEER numbers mean a company's units are more efficient.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 6  Carrier
    16.66 SEER
  3. 1  Amana
    17.7 SEER
  4. 2  Lennox
    17.92 SEER
  5. 3  Trane
    17.33 SEER
  6. Category Average
    16.74 SEER


You can find units with slightly higher SEER ratings, but Carrier’s air conditioners are still energy-efficient. They use advanced technologies, such as two-stage compressors and Puron refrigerant, to keep your home cool and to control humidity. Their durable, WeatherArmor-protected exteriors are also a great benefit. Overall, Carrier’s central air conditioners are an excellent option for staying cool and saving money on your energy bills.

Contributing Reviewer: Grant Morgan

Carrier Central Air Conditioner Find Contractors

Specifications and Benchmarks

Performance & Efficiency

Average SEER Rating
Highest SEER Rating
Average Minimum Sound Power Levels
71.5 dB
Energy Star Qualified Models Available


Compressor Warranty (With Registration)
10 Years
Parts Warranty (With Registration)
10 Years
Warranty Registration Deadline
90 Days