Rheem’s central air conditioners have energy-efficient features and durable designs that can handle harsh weather and keep your home cool. They aren't as efficient as some other units we compared, though they are a big improvement over many older-generation air conditioners.

This manufacturer’s air conditioners have SEER ratings of up to 20. The company makes six central air conditioning models, and their average SEER rating is 17.1. On the whole, Rheem’s units are more efficient than average, though Lennox, Amana and Trane all have even higher average ratings. Rheem’s best air conditioners also have on-demand dehumidification features and variable-speed scroll compressors, which are much better at controlling humidity than older single-stage units and many modern two-stage compressors.

Its units also come with a Comfort Control2 System that has 32 onboard diagnostic and fault history codes to help detect problems. If it finds any serious problems, it sends an alert to the thermostat to let you know.

A louvered jacket protects the air conditioners’ coils from destructive elements. The units are made from galvanized steel, which also helps them withstand harsh conditions. The top grilles are usually removable, allowing you to access interior parts for maintenance. You can also remove service panels for even greater access to the inside. The grilles are designed to protect the central air conditioning unit from moisture, such as rain or snow, which can cause extensive damage.

As long as you register your unit within 60 days, it is covered by a 10-year unit replacement warranty and a 10-year parts warranty. It would be better if Rheem offered a lifetime unit warranty like some other manufacturers, but 10 years is adequate. If you choose to not register your air conditioner or simply forget to, the warranty lasts for five years.

Rheem Central Air Conditioner Find Contractors
  • Average SEER Rating
  • Average Minimum Sound Levels
  • Best Compressor Warranty
  1. Higher average SEER numbers mean a company's units are more efficient.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 7  Rheem
    17.12 SEER
  3. 1  Amana
    17.7 SEER
  4. 2  Lennox
    17.92 SEER
  5. 3  Trane
    17.33 SEER
  6. Category Average
    16.74 SEER


Rheem central air conditioners have above-average SEER ratings compared to other manufacturers’ units, though they’re not as efficient as models made by some other top brands we looked at. Still, they are well constructed – they are protected against the weather and allow you to easily access their interior components for maintenance. Additionally, these central air conditioners have strong compressors that can keep your home comfortable all summer long.

Contributing Reviewer: Grant Morgan

Rheem Central Air Conditioner Find Contractors

Specifications and Benchmarks

Performance & Efficiency

Average SEER Rating
Highest SEER Rating
Average Minimum Sound Power Levels
71.5 dB
Energy Star Qualified Models Available


Compressor Warranty (With Registration)
10 Years
Parts Warranty (With Registration)
10 Years
Warranty Registration Deadline
60 Days