Editor’s Note: The Maytag Gemini MGT8820DS has been discontinued. The buy button will take you to a new version. We will consider the newest version when we next refresh this site.

The Maytag Gemini MGT8820DS is a gas-range double oven that features 6 cubic feet of cooking space and a stainless steel design with both knob and touch controls. It also provides up to 16,000 Btu of heat, an outstanding 10-year warranty and numerous settings to simplify baking, including quick preheat and delayed bake.

There are five burners on the cooktop, ranging in power from 5,000 to 16,000 Btu. The higher-powered burners are good for searing foods, while the lower-powered burners are best for simmering. The Verona double oven range has a unique design where the ovens are placed side by side.

The upper and lower ovens are different sizes. The upper oven offers 2.1 cubic feet of cooking space, while the larger bottom oven boasts 3.9 cubic feet. Between the two ovens, there are three cooking racks, with two rack positions available in the upper oven and five in the lower oven.

The Maytag Gemini also features convection capabilities. With this feature, a small fan inside the oven circulates the hot air, resulting in faster and more even cooking. There is a delayed bake option, so you can set the oven to turn on later when you're not there, as well as a quick preheat option that allows you to warm up the oven in less time. There is also a warm setting, so you can keep food in the oven after it's done without overcooking it.

The appearance of this double oven range is attractive. It has a stainless steel finish with metal knobs that control the cooktop. The knobs are located on the front panel, so you don't have to reach over heated food to adjust the cooktop's temperature. You operate the oven with a touch control that is located on the back panel.

This model's warranty stands out for its length. The Gemini has a 10-year parts and labor warranty, which is the longest warranty we saw on this type of device. Many similar products are only covered under a one-year manufacturer warranty, though some are covered for two years or more.

The Maytag Gemini MGT8820DS is a powerful range double oven. It gives you plenty of cooking space between the two ovens, and the cooktop boasts a wide range of cooking power.

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