Pros / The control panel is very intuitive.

Cons / This induction cooktop lacks a bridge element.

 Verdict / The Kenmore 43809 is intuitive to use, but it lacks the feature set and advanced settings to help it stand out from similar products.

The Kenmore 43809 is an induction cooktop that features four burners with a combined power of 7,400 watts. It provides a small handful of features and an easy-to-use interface with touch controls. Additionally, it provides all of the safety features we look for in induction cooktops. However, despite all it does offer, it has several areas where it could improve.

The cooking capabilities on this induction cooktop are fairly average. It features four burners that range in size to accommodate all sizes of pans. However, there is no bridge element option. This would allow you to sync two burners together to create one large heat element, which would be ideal for using pans such as a griddle. Between all four burners, there is a combined 7,400 watts of power. The manufacturer does not specify how much power each burner provides.

You operate the temperature and settings using precision touch controls. There is a dedicated control for each burner, which prevents you from turning on the wrong heat element. The control pad is also straightforward and simple to use. You don't have to invest too much time in the user manual to understand how to use it, as you would with several similar induction cookers on our lineup.

The Kenmore 43809 lacks pan sizing capabilities. With this feature, the heat element would automatically adjust in size to best work with the size of cookware you place on the heat element. With this induction cooktop, the pan must meet a minimum requirement for each heat element. Also, there is a basic kitchen timer on the cooktop, but we would like to see a timer with multi-burner capabilities, which would allow you to set a timer for each specific heat element.

There are heat indicator lights that alert you when the cooktop is activated and potentially hot. The cooktop also features pan detection capabilities. With this feature, if the pan is not made from the right material or does not meet the minimum size requirement, the heat element does not activate and shuts itself off. This prevents unwanted items from heating up or the cooktop being left on without your knowledge.

This Kenmore induction cooktop is covered under a one-year manufacturer warranty. This is the average amount of time many of these products are covered under warranty. You can also address any issues or concerns you have with a Kenmore representative via email or the telephone.

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The Kenmore 43809 is your basic induction cooktop. It provides enough power to be effective, but it lacks many features to make it one of the leading products. For a more basic model, though, the Kenmore 43809 still has plenty to offer.

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