Pros / This model comes with automatic pan detection, which shuts the burner off if a pan is not placed on the heating element within 30 seconds of being turned on.

Cons / This induction stove includes a basic kitchen timer.

 Verdict / The Whirlpool GCI3061XB is only average when compared to similar induction cooktops.

The Whirlpool GCI3061XB provides all the basic features you need for an induction cooktop. This 30-inch cooktop features four burners ranging in both size and power plus a handful of safety options, including heat-indicator lights and control-lock capabilities. However, this product is much more basic as it offers a smaller range of power and less features than you find on comparable induction cooktop products.

When it comes to cooking performance, this Whirlpool product is average. It features four heating elements that range in size from 6 inches in diameter to 10 inches, which allows you to use pans of all sizes. Furthermore, these heat elements range in power from 1,400 watts to 3,200 watts. This provides plenty of power to cook food; however, similar products on our lineup offer up 3,700 watts of power. This product provides one of the lowest amounts of maximum power.

There is a power boost function on the cooktop’s 9-inch heat element, which allows you to increase the power from 2,500 watts to 3,200 watts. This power boost function gives you that extra oomph to more easily fry and sear foods and decrease the time spent boiling water.

This model provides your basic induction cooktop features. There are no advanced timer capabilities to set a timer for each specific element. Instead, there is one basic timer. There is also no pan-sizing feature, which automatically detects the size of your pan and adjusts the heating element accordingly.

However, despite the limited feature set, there are several safety options, including pan-detection capabilities, which means the heat element will not remain on if a pan is not placed on the burner within 30 seconds of being turned on. Furthermore, the pan must be of the right metal for the element to activate since induction cooktops use electromagnetism to cook food. Additionally, this stove comes with kid-friendly, control-lock capabilities to prevent the cooktop from accidentally being turned on.

This induction cooktop provides a one-year manufacturer warranty for its parts and labor, similar to what you will find on most induction cooktops. Very few of these induction cooktops provide a warranty five years or greater.

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  6. Category Average
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The Whirlpool GCI3061XB provides strong induction cooking technology, but its overall performance and feature set is average compared to similar products on our lineup. A wider range of power, more features, such as a custom timer and pan-sizing options, are just a few of the features that would enhance this product. However, if you are simply looking for the technology and do not need all the advanced settings and features, this cooktop may be a wonderful culinary addition to your kitchen.

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