Pros / The Touch to Toast is affordable for an automatic, 4-slice toaster.

Cons / In our tests, the outer slots unevenly toasted the bread on both sides.

 Verdict / Cuisinart's 4-slice toaster has deluxe features at a competitive cost, but its average toasting performance prevents it from making the top spot in our review.

The Cuisinart Touch to Toast is inexpensive considering the features it offers, although, not nearly as inexpensive as the Dash Clear View toaster. Nearly identical to the best toaster in our review, and about half the cost, it only falls behind in performance. This toaster is also safe and easy to use, and it has the longest warranty of the models we tested. For its high-end features and competitive cost, we give this toaster our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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  • Evenness Score
  • Exterior Temperature
  • Cord Length
  • Warranty
  1. The quality of toasting evenness.
    Higher is better
  2. 2  Cuisinart Touch to Toast
    80.0 %
  3. 100.0 %
  4. 83.0 %
  5. Category Average
    85.88 %


Although this toaster has deluxe features, our tests revealed an only average toasting ability. The Touch to Toast scored an average of 88 percent across our performance tests of on evenness, consistency, frozen breads and bagels.

This Cuisinart toaster proved to be slightly above average at evenly toasting bread. Its score of 80 percent was much higher than the lowest score of 50 percent, but still behind the high of 95 percent. In our testing, this toaster regularly produced toast that was uneven on both sides.

This toaster did better in consistency than in evenness. With a score of 93 percent, it performed the same as the total average of all the toasters we tested. It’s possible that this unusual discrepancy was due to the fact that we used the inner slots in this test opposed the outer. Both sides of the bread were pretty evenly toasted, with one side being only slightly less dark than the other.

While the average score of all the toaster for frozen bread was an 82 percent, the Cuisinart Touch to Toast performed at 80 percent in our tests. Its ability to toast frozen bread was unimpressive, as the slices of bread were frequently uneven on both sides and had large areas that were untoasted.

The Cuisinart Touch to Toast did well in toasting bagels. Its score of 98 percent was much higher than the overall average of 82 percent. In our tests, the bagel slice came out fairly even and with few bar marks. This toaster also comes with a special bagel setting which allows you to only toast one side of the bread.


The Touch to Toast also has a bright digital display and interface, from which you can control the shade settings and view the progress of the toasting cycle. However, the setting control on this bread toaster doesn't provide you with much variety between the preset shade levels. If you want a shade different from a preset setting, you will have to press the cancel button mid-cycle.


Cuisinart's toaster is one of the best on our list in part for its features. This unit is only one of three toasters we tested with an automatic lift, meaning you can lower your toast with the touch of a button instead of pulling down a lever. While this feature doesn’t change the functionality of the toaster, it does give it an expensive feel that differentiates it from manual lift toasters.


This toaster is one of the safest we've tested. This unit is one few we tested that has an automatic shut-off feature. If the toaster happens to get jammed, the toaster will turn itself off in order to prevent overheating and possibly starting a fire. Furthermore, this toaster is safe to touch. After running it through multiple toasting cycles, we took the temperature of the surface in several different spots. This unit had an average temperature of 88.8 degrees Fahrenheit, 10 degrees colder than the average of 98.8 degrees.

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As a final note, Cuisinart has a long three-year warranty, allowing you to return your broken toaster to be fixed or replaced during that period.


The Cuisinart Touch to Toast is an average performing toaster but with top-of-the-line features. Though this toaster has an issue with evenly toasting, its automatic lift and affordable cost it a contender. If you're looking for an inexpensive, automatic, 4-slice toaster, the Touch to Toast is a very good option.

Cuisinart Touch to Toast CPT-440 Visit Site

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