Pros / The shiny chrome gives the KRUPS KH an amazing counter aesthetic.

Cons / Some convenience features, like cool-touch sides and a hideaway cord, are missing.

 Verdict / Although this unit doesn’t stand out in performance or features, it does well enough to rank as a solid choice for a premium toaster.

The KRUPS KH includes several higher-end toasting functions and looks good on a countertop. It performed inconsistently in our testing, but when it worked correctly, the toast quality was good. While it’s missing a few convenience features, this toaster is a decent choice if you’re looking for a stylish addition to your kitchen.

In our tests of its toasting performance, this toaster on average performed at a slightly less-than- average level compared to others we reviewed. While it did toast bagels fairly well, it certainly lacked in evenness and consistency. We found toasting quality to be a hit or miss with this machine as we tested. Sometimes it would toast both sides evenly, while other times one side would be almost completely untoasted. When the KRUPS KH worked correctly, it toasted well. However, the inconsistency of its toasting quality substantially reduced its overall performance score.

The stainless steel and chrome finish on the KRUPS KH is a visual delight, much like the Cuisinart Touch to Toast. The finish helps this toaster look great on any countertop, but it will need to be cleaned regularly as smudges are easy to see. The design aesthetic does come at a cost to convenient features. There is no progress indicator nor audio alert on this toaster. The lack of these features doesn’t affect the performance, but it means you can’t see a visual display of how much time is left on the toasting cycle and there’s no audio indication of when the toasting is done. Without these two features, you'll need to keep a close eye on your toast while it’s cooking.

This toaster is most notable for the high-end features it does have. There’s a bagel setting, which lets you toast the cut side of the bagel only. Additionally, there is a defrost function, which allows you to place frozen breads into the toaster without having to first thaw them. The cancel button lets you to end the toasting cycle at any time. The KRUPS KH734 4-slice toaster also includes a reheat function that reheats your toast without browning it any further. That way you can have warm toast whenever you want it, without standing over the toaster waiting for the toasting cycle to finish.

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  • Evenness Score
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  1. The quality of toasting evenness.
    Higher is better
  2. 6  KRUPS KH
    73.0 %
  3. 100.0 %
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  5. 83.0 %
  6. Category Average
    85.88 %


The KRUPS KH734 is a sharp-looking and functional toaster. Although it has several high-end features, it is lacking a few convenient ones that other premium toasters have. Its toasting performance is decent, but unpredictable at times.

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Specifications and Benchmarks


Weight (pounds)
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Help & Support

2 Years
Online User Manual


Exterior Temperature (Fahrenheit)
Automatic Shut-Off
High Lift


Removable Crumb Tray
Color Options
Cord Length (feet)
Hideaway Cord
2 or 4
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Slot Length (inches)
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Lowering System


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