Pros / This outdoor turkey fryer has an auto shut-off feature.

Cons / It only has a 34,000 Btu output, which is lower than most outdoor units.

 Verdict / The Cabela’s Ultimate turkey fryer is a safe, albeit fairly slow, fryer that can handle large turkeys.

The Cabela’s Ultimate outdoor turkey fryer is a good option for people who are looking for an outdoor propane-operated unit that is safe to use. This fryer comes with the extra safety and convenience of a drain valve, which isn’t standard on outdoor units.

This turkey fryer has a 29-quart stock pot that can fry up to a 20-pound turkey, which is a normal capacity for an outdoor propane turkey fryer. It uses 34,000 Btu (British thermal units) to heat, which is powerful, but not quite as powerful as most outdoor propane turkey fryers out there.

We were happy to find that this turkey fryer included an auto shut-off feature, but it doesn’t have a vented lid. It also has other safety features such as a lifter, a cooking basket and a stand. The lifter and poultry stand work together to help you place the turkey in the pot and remove it safely after it’s done cooking.

This propane turkey fryer doesn’t have a timer or indicator lights, but that’s standard for outdoor propane turkey fryers. However, because you won’t want to over fry a turkey, you’ll want to have a timer at the ready – whether you use a phone timer or a standard cooking timer.

This outdoor turkey fryer does, however, comes with a thermostat, and it has a drain valve. The thermostat helps your regulate the temperature of the oil and the internal temperature of the turkey while you’re cooking. The drain valve helps you safely and conveniently drain the used cooking oil after you’re done using the unit.

Cabela’s offers an industry-standard one-year warranty with this turkey cooker. Cabela’s doesn’t, however, offer the user manual on its website, but you can access instructional videos, which can be helpful. For further help and support, you can contact Cabela’s by phone, email and even a live chat option, which is generally the fastest, most convenient way to get help. Additionally, you can browse frequently asked questions about this turkey fryer.

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  • Btus
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  2. 5  Cabela's
    29.0 qts
  3. 30.0 qts
  4. 11.0 qts
  5. 32.0 qts
  6. Category Average
    23.33 qts


The Cabela’s Ultimate turkey fryer pot is a sufficient option if you’re interested in an outdoor unit that is operated by propane. It has the ability to fry up to a 20-pound turkey; it just may take a bit longer than stronger outdoor propane units.

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1 Year
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