Pros / This was the most energy efficient machine we compared.

Cons / The small size might not work for large families.

 Verdict / This machine packs a lot of innovative features into a small and expensive package, but it may save you enough in energy efficiencies to be worth it over time.

The Bosch WAT28402UC is a speedy and compact front load washer that will be ideal for small living quarters since it measures only 24 inches wide. It has a host of convenient features, but they come at a relatively high price. The WAT28402UC is designed with SpeedPerfect, a technology meant to reduce washing times by up to 40% over the typical machine. The EcoSilence motor is designed to keep things quiet while the machine is running.

This front load washer should keep utility bills lower than any other washer we compared, which is hardly surprising considering how small it is. The Bosch WAT28402UC has the lowest estimated yearly operation cost and annual water cost. It also has the lowest annual projected water use and average water used per wash.

In spite of its small size, you can launder a lot of things at a time, including 16 towels in one load. In addition, it is stackable with a matching Bosch dryer, the Bosch WTG86402UC, if that arrangement would work best in your home. This front-loading machine has 15 different wash cycles, including one for heavy soil and another for light soil on permanent press clothing, hand wash for things that need delicate cleaning, a towel cycle, a sanitizing cycle to kill off much of the bacteria in your laundry, and one for bulky items.

You get seven washing options including a rinse-plus option, in case you have anyone in your household with sensitive skin who needs as much detergent rinsed away from clothing and bedding as possible. And a 15-minute quick wash for when you must get some items clean in a hurry. You can see how things are going with your washer through the LED status indicator on the front display, and if anything goes wrong inside, the unbalanced sensor lets you know.

You will not need to worry about leaks from hoses, because the trademarked AquaShield stops any flooding if a hose begins to leak. The indicator turns red and the water is blocked. You get additional protection with the AquaStop Plus function, which registers water leaks on the internal base and automatically stops the appliance and prevents water from spilling onto the floor.

This super small set from Bosch has some great features, but if you need more capacity, check out the Samsung WF5000AW.

It is no surprise that this unit is a standout for energy efficiency, considering its compact size. It also stands out for its high price, though. It tied for the most wash cycle options and includes some nice innovations that will make this a nice option for a small laundry room, especially if you can find it on sale.

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