Pros / Automatic load sensing features will help cut overall water use.

Cons / The relatively small capacity may not be enough for a family household.

 Verdict / There were more sophisticated machines than this one, but it will get your clothes clean and it has low initial and operating costs.

The GE GTW330ASKWW is a traditional unit with an agitator for cleaning. Although it is simple and a little old-fashioned, this machine represents a good value because it features many wash cycles, low water factor and affordable operating costs. Its initial cost is quite low, too, so it should be budget-friendly for its entire lifespan.

This top-load washing machine isn’t specifically a high-efficiency washer but it is still competitive. It's about the middle of the pack with an estimated annual energy cost of $22 – much better than some of its traditional counterparts. Some of that savings comes into play because it has smaller capacity. It's easier to conserve water when the wash tub is relatively small. There is only one unit we reviewed with a smaller capacity than this one. The 3.8-cubic-foot capacity will be enough to fit most large loads, though. Some king-sized comforters most likely won’t fit. If you need more capacity, consider the LG WT7200CV.

The 11 wash cycles include basic cycles for cleaning your clothes, such as delicates, towels, and sheets and jeans. There are also specific whites and colors cycles and variants on those, such as light, normal and heavy. This did not have as many cycle options as some competitors, but it has enough for most people, and the heavy-duty agitator is designed to gently pull laundry loads of all sizes and clean clothes thoroughly.

This GE washer offers automatic load sense, which reduces the amount of water you use for each load of laundry, so you end up paying less money to operate this washer overall. Other helpful options include automatic dispensers for fabric softener and bleach, presoak, extra rinses and spins, and a deep-water rinse.

GE offers a one-year warranty for the overall machine. That's the lowest end on the warranty scale for the washers we reviewed and doesn't include separate warranties for the motor or stainless steel wash drum.

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The GE GTW330ASKWW top-loader is one of the best traditional agitator-style washing machines. It can hold its own against the high-efficiency top-load washing machines, especially when you consider its low cost of operation and low initial investment. However, you don’t get many specialty cycles with this unit, and the warranty only protects against defective parts and the labor to replace those parts or the machine for one year.

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