As a leader in innovation, LG continues to create smart home appliances, like the LG Mega Capacity WT7700HVA top-load washing machine. This high-efficiency top-loader includes numerous features and cycles to help you clean your clothes the way you want to. In fact, you get more cycles and options with this machine than any other top-load unit we reviewed. This top-load washing machine offers a spacious 5.7 cubic feet for you to fill with your fluffiest bedding – and it will have enough room to get it clean and rinsed well since there’s no agitator in the way. The LG DLEX7710VE, the matching dryer, has a 9.0-cubic-foot capacity and a sensor dry system that measures the moisture levels and automatically adjusts the drying time to help insure dry clothes with each load. If you have a smaller laundry room and need a compact unit, check out the GE GTW330ASKWW.

The LG Mega Capacity top-loader uses less water than traditional washing machines. It also uses less energy, on average, compared to even the best washing machines because of its larger capacity. If you’re doing fewer loads of laundry each week and each of those loads requires less water, that means you’ll be spending less money each year on energy and water to operate this high-efficiency top-load washer. The estimated total annual cost of this washer is significantly less than most of the washing machines we reviewed. The Energy Star certification is confirmation that this washing machine is more energy efficient than the traditional machines you can find on the market.

The lack of an agitator in this high-efficiency washing machine allows you to make full use of the drum's 5.7 cubic feet, which means fewer loads of laundry overall. This washer, as well as other high-efficiency washing machines, uses an impeller, which is gentler on your clothes, so you’ll get longer wear out of your clothing. You can choose from 14 wash cycles and 15 additional wash options with this LG top-load washer, an impressive set of functions that give you plenty of options for getting your laundry clean.

The 14 wash cycles include standard cycles, such as normal and heavy duty, as well as innovative wash cycles such as sanitary and allergen. There are also specialty wash cycles for specific types of clothing like sportswear and towels. It’s important to keep your machine sanitized, so the Power Cleanse option helps you maintain your washtub and rid it of odor-causing bacteria and soap scum.

You have the choice of five wash and rinse temperature options with this top-load washing machine. Those temperatures are extra hot, hot, warm, cold and tap cold. However, some wash cycles may require you to use a specific water temperature.

There are many options included on this top-load washing machine that could be very useful for you and your family. LG's vibration-reduction technology helps keep your laundry room quiet, which could be vital if, say, your bedroom shares a wall with your washer and dryer. The child-lock feature is very important if you have curious children who are also climbers. Another nice feature is that you can load your laundry, set your wash cycle, temperature, and options, and then delay the wash, which means your laundry is finished when you’re ready for it. For example, you can time your laundry to wash in the middle of the night and be ready to throw into the dryer early in the morning when you wake up. You might want to make sure you silence the end-of-cycle signal, though, so it doesn’t wake you or others up.

LG provides one of the best warranties in the industry. Parts and labor are covered for one year while the motor is backed by a 10-year warranty, and the wash drum is covered for the lifetime of the product.

You can contact LG for help and support, warranty-related or not, by phone, email or the live chat function on its website. You can also access helpful FAQs, the user manual and other documents on LG's website.

Be sure to check the dimensions of the washer at LG’s website to ensure you have enough space to fit it in your home. Also, keep in mind that this is a tall washing machine with a deep washtub, so you may have difficulty reaching clothes at the bottom of the tub.

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