Pros / The wide door and compact design are convenient in tight spaces.

Cons / The drying options are somewhat limited.

 Verdict / The Midea US-FC70-DS12DSH is an affordable washer dryer with a lot of strong features, including vibration reduction and automatic load sense.

The Midea US-FC70-DS12DSH washer dryer combo is an affordable, highly functional machine that is compact and easy to use, and it has a few extras like an automatic load sense. This washer dryer is also energy efficient and comes with a generous warranty. Its above-average feature package and below-average price gave this washer dryer the edge over some of the other products in our lineup.

The size of the door to the drum is impressively large and it swings wide. This makes for easy loading, especially with large loads and bulky items like blankets and sleeping bags.

This machine is also a good value. It costs less than many similar machines. It has a decent capacity that compares favorably with washer dryer combos in our review, and it is compact enough to fit into most closets or storage spaces you have available.

The machine’s customized washing cycles include several that focus on specific fabric and clothing types like cotton, wool, underwear and delicates. This is one of the best washer dryer combos out there when it comes to washing options.

The biggest concern with this combination washer dryer is that the drying cycle choices are limited. You can time how long the clothes dry, but there aren’t many load preferences beyond that. You can select from three levels of drying. This gives you a little flexibility when it comes to drying options – but not much. Other machines allow for a damp dry and similar options. If you prefer more drying options, consider the LG WM3488HS.

When it comes to energy efficiency, this Midea model is about average when compared with washer dryer combos of similar size. Its operating cost is approximately $11 a year. One nice feature of this machine is that it comes with automatic load sense, meaning the washer dryer knows when fewer clothes are in the machine and adjusts the water volume accordingly.

The Midea also has vibration reduction, which limits noise; this is an important feature, especially if you use it in a small living space. The dryer operates on a ventless system that, instead of venting in the traditional way, uses a hose that drains into a sink. You won’t get the same warm, toasty feeling you get with a traditional dryer, but that is a good thing for your fabrics, and they may last longer.

Parts and labor are covered by a standard one-year warranty, but the motor and wash drum are covered for up to five years. That's good coverage, considering the low price.

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The Midea US-FC70-DS12DSH has a user-friendly design, a large display and vibration reduction features for quiet operation. It is an affordable washer dryer with all of the features most people will need for washing clothes, but the drying options are limited. This is an above-average washer dryer combo that will fit into a compact space, and it’s a good option if you don’t have access to a traditional external venting system.

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