The Ariens Compact 920021 snow blower has a clearing width of 24 inches, meaning it can clear a path 2 feet wide, which is great coverage, especially for a relatively compact snow blower. This will make less work for you and will let you quickly clear snow from your driveway and sidewalk. This snow blower holds half a gallon of gasoline and distributes 208 cubic centimeters through the engine. In addition, the engine produces 9.5 foot-pounds of torque, giving it enough power to throw a lot of snow at once.

Much of the power in this gas-powered snow blower transfers to the impeller. This component allows the Ariens to throw snow up to 40 feet away from the area you're clearing. The chute rotates 205 degrees around, so you can direct the stream of snow away from the sidewalk or your neighbor's yard. However, because the throwing range is quite wide, this may be a difficult snow blower to use in tight residential areas.

The self-propelled system uses belt drives to pull the snow blower forward. You can shift between six forward speeds and two reverse speeds, which will significantly ease the burden of clearing snow over all types of terrain despite its weight and size. The different speeds are especially useful when you're going around curves, up hills or around obstacles. Most snow blowing happens in the evening or morning while it's still dark, so safety features are important. The headlight and skid shoes add to the safety of this machine.

This Ariens model fares just fine in heavy or wet snow on flat ground covered in small obstacles such as rocks or thin gravel. The skid shoes at the bottom of the snow blower raise and lower with a couple tools to help you avoid these obstacles. All that power isn't helpful if the snow blower slips on ice. This is why traction is another important factor in determining the best snow blowers. The Ariens Compact’s large tires are 15 inches high and 5 inches wide and allow the machine to grip on to snow and give you traction on slushy ground. Its weight may create trouble on slippery ice, so we recommend avoiding icy patches.

The Ariens 920021 stands 45.4 inches high and 26.4 inches wide, and it weighs 187 pounds, making it a challenge to transport. Even if you don't take your snow blower on field trips, it's important that it stores easily during the offseason. This snow thrower has folding handlebars that give you extra space in the garage.

There is some assembly required when you purchase this model. The warranty for the whole machine lasts for three years while the gear case is under warranty for five years. If you have questions about this snow blower, the Ariens website hosts live chat, a FAQs page and downloadable online manuals. You can also order parts online, find a local Ariens dealer or submit an email form with your questions.

The Ariens 920021 is a powerful self-propelled snow blower that can handle snow removal in hilly areas with high snow volume. Its 15-inch tires will give you the traction you need to plow up steep driveways. You can cover a lot of ground quickly with its 2-foot clearing width. Its electric start will make it easy to start on cold mornings. Overall, this is one of the best snow blowers out there for all types of terrain.

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