The Troy-Bilt Storm 2665 Snow Thrower has plenty of power to remove a lot of snow in a short time. This snow blower has a clearing width of more than 2 feet, which is wide enough to clear a driveway in a couple passes. The Troy-Bilt can handle deep snowdrifts and slippery surfaces. The intake is 21 inches high, enough to shovel almost 2 feet of snow into the auger and impeller. The 15-inch tires give you a boost over the snow and keep the snow blower grounded when covering slippery turns. The four-cycle engine in this snow blower is huge, with a displacement of 243 cubic centimeters.

All the gas power coursing through the engine has to start somewhere. While this gas snow blower has a gas-powered engine, it uses an electric push start to get going. This reduces the number of starting attempts so you can get going faster. For all its power, this snow blower is highly fuel-efficient. The tank only needs up to half a gallon of gas to get moving.

This two-stage snow blower has a self-propelled drive, which keeps you from working too hard. The first stage of this self-propelled snow thrower breaks up the snow and ice. In stage two, it takes the ground-up snow and ice and launches it farther out of the way than a single-stage snow blower can.

You can control the pitch of the chute with the one-handed lever, so you won't have to stop the snow blower to adjust the chute. The plastic chute rotates 200 degrees, letting you control where the launched snow piles. Additionally, there are six forward speeds and two reverse speeds on this snow blower to help you make it over different types of terrain or inclines.

Some of the extra features on this snow blower are useful for low-light or rocky conditions. The headlight boosts your visibility so others can see you and you can see where you're moving the snow blower. This is useful because the best time to clear a sidewalk or driveway is in the low-light hours of the morning. The Troy-Bilt also has adjustable skid shoes. These pieces attach to the bottom of the snow blower's intake. You can raise them or lower them to avoid scraping gravel, rocks or debris on uneven terrain.

The Troy-Bilt 2665 is a tough snow blower with a lot of power. The four-cycle, 243-cc engine is big enough to power the self-propelled system so you don't have to work as hard. The clearing width of 26 inches is enough to clear a two-car driveway easily, and the headlight adds to your visibility.

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