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Pros / Savant’s universal remote is a good way to sample what the system has to offer.

Cons / The company doesn’t have as many hardware partners as higher-ranked home automation companies.

 Verdict / Savant is a unique system that can get you started with an excellent universal remote before you have a dealer install a whole system.

One look at Savant’s website makes it clear that the company caters to luxury homes. Despite this luxury focus, Savant provides home automation for average homes as well. The company has good customer resources that show how the system works and offers direct customer support. You can add security equipment to Savant and control the system with a mobile app. There’s even a universal remote in case you’re not interested in a complete home control system. Savant manages to deliver great product quality and helpful service, which is why it earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award for home automation systems.

  • Equipment Warranty
  1. The number of years the equipment is under warranty. 11 indicates lifetime coverage.
    Longer is Better.
  2. 3  Savant
    2.0 year(s)
  3. 3.0 year(s)
  4. 2.0 year(s)
  5. Category Average
    4.25 year(s)

Service & Support

Savant’s customer education resources provide insight into what the system is and how it works. The company’s website uses high-quality images to highlight system features to help you decide whether the system is right for you. You can also see how the system works throughout the course of a normal day, a common feature on many home automation company websites. While the customer resources are helpful, the website doesn’t have case studies that show what other customers have done for their homes. Regardless, the site emphasizes the best parts of the Savant home control system.

For customer support, you can contact the company directly via telephone or an email form on the website. This is very helpful if you have a quick question and don’t want to contact your local dealer. Savant equipment has a two-year warranty, which is average for home automation systems but not as long as the lifetime warranties you get with Vivint, ADT and MONI.

Savant has many hardware partners across categories such as entertainment, lighting, climate, security, networking and dealer services. The total number of partners is less than that of the best home automation systems in our review, numbering only in the dozens rather than in the hundreds. Even so, the brands and selection vary enough that your dealer can find the right combination of brands to outfit your smart home.

All Savant dealers are certified by the company to install Savant systems. Savant’s dealer network is smaller than that of higher-ranked home automation systems, but it still manages to serve the majority of the U.S.


The company doesn’t offer home security monitoring directly to its customers, but you can ask your dealer for assistance in adding a security system, such as the one from Honeywell that allows for professional monitoring. The system works with security cameras, which you can view live from the Savant mobile app. Savant home management systems are also compatible with safety sensors, such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, for added protection.


Savant has a complete set of home automation control features. You can manage your system using one of many Savant mobile apps for iOS and Android, though the primary app is simply called Savant. For touchscreen controls, Savant offers a range of iPad wall and table mounts in lieu of manufacturing its own touchscreens. This is helpful since you have the same user interface across your system controllers.

Savant’s home automation system has energy monitoring tools so you can keep track of how much electricity your home uses. The system also has scheduling and scene features that help you control the lights and save energy. The Savant Remote is an excellent universal remote that controls home theater and whole-house audio equipment. This remote control is an excellent way to try out the system before committing to a professional installation across your entire home.


Although Savant is a luxury home automation system, it’s easily one of the best smart home systems. It doesn’t have a strong warranty and has fewer hardware partners than other top systems but does have strong customer support. The Savant Remote is a unique product that lets you try a piece of the system without requiring a full install, which is a good reason to consider Savant for your smart home.

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Mobile App
Energy Management
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Professional Security Monitoring
Via Dealer
Home & Away Modes
Security Cameras
Smoke, Fire & Carbon Monoxide Detection

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Customer Education Resources
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Equipment Warranty
2 Years
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