State Farm Homeowners Insurance Review

After getting quotes on the same house from the best homeowners insurance providers, State Farm emerged as my pick for the best insurer overall. Its quote tool was the most comprehensive and easiest to use, resulting in a quote I had more confidence in than any other I got.


Our Verdict

State Farm is my pick for best homeowners insurance provider because it has the most comprehensive and easiest to use quote tool as well as a very good customer satisfaction score.


  • It has the most comprehensive quote process.


  • Agent pages don't list client reviews.

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After getting quotes on the same house from the best homeowners insurance providers, State Farm emerged as my pick for the best insurer overall. Its quote tool was the most comprehensive and easiest to use, resulting in a quote I had more confidence in than any other I got. In addition, State Farm has one of the highest customer satisfaction scores from J.D. Power's comprehensive survey, and its agent finder tools are excellent. Finally, State Farm is one of the oldest and most financially stable insurance providers in the U.S., so you can buy a policy with the confidence that the service has the necessary funds if a time comes when you need to file a claim.

That said, buying homeowners insurance is both complicated and critically important, as you are literally protecting one of the three necessities of survival – water, food and shelter. As such, I encourage you to take the time to get quotes from as many providers as possible.

Quoting Process

Each insurance provider I reviewed has surprisingly different quoting tools, and State Farm's process was both the easiest and most comprehensive. It asked 123 questions – more than any other company. For comparison, most providers asked between 14 and 50 questions. This means State Farm's quote takes longer to complete, but that isn’t a bad thing. Because of how thorough the process was, I felt more confident in the policy State Farm quoted me than any other. Not only was the policy’s coverage more customized to the peculiarities of the home, but the reconstruction value was the most accurate. By comparison, services that asked few questions, like MetLife, quoted the reconstruction value at about 50 percent of the actual number.

State Farm asks an average of 14 questions per page. So, despite asking more questions than other providers, it has about the same number of pages in the quoting process as most. The efficiency noticeable. For example, Allstate asks almost as many questions as State Farm, about 121. However, Allstate asks an average of six questions per page. For the first seven pages, it only collects your personal information, two to four questions at a time. As a result, it has more than twice as many pages. This inefficiency adds up, and it took me more twice as long to get a quote from Allstate as it did from State Farm.

State Farm's quoting tool is also the easiest to use. Every question has a question mark next to it, and when you hover the cursor over it, an explanation of the question pops up. And for many questions, such as style of roof or quality of construction, the questions are accompanied by photos. Many people aren't aware of what style their home's architecture is, and little things like this help you give the best answer. That’s important because the way you answer these questions significantly impacts the reconstruction value you are quoted. After completing quotes from 10 companies, I had the most confidence in State Farm's quote.

J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Study

Your decision should be made based on the quotes you get, not the general public's opinion. Just because most people have a good or bad experience doesn't mean you will too. So, get multiple quotes and compare the premiums, reconstruction values and deductibles. However, if you end up with several very similar quotes, which is likely, considering what others have to say is an excellent tie-breaker. Fortunately, J.D. Power performs customer satisfaction studies every year for the top 31 insurance providers in the country. It interviews nearly 16,000 policy holders to come up with its scores and ratings, and it is the best tool to determine whether you'll be satisfied with the insurer you choose.

In the 2017 study, State Farm earned an overall score of 823. That’s the third highest score of the insurers I reviewed, following Amica Mutual (866) and USAA (892). It received four circles out of five, or very good customer satisfaction ratings, for policy offerings, interaction and billing. That said, it received three circles out of five, or average customer satisfaction ratings, for its prices and claims process. Still, State Farm is in the top six highest rated insurance providers overall.


It’s easy to find a State Farm agent to consult with – you simply type your zip code into the agent finder tool, and it spits out all the agents in your area, including maps and distances to their offices. Each agent has their own personalized webpage. That way, you can learn about their personality and other information like the languages they speak. Unfortunately, State Farm's agent pages don't include reviews from clients or a community engagement list.

State Farm has the best quote process, one of the highest customer satisfaction scores and a very good agent finder tool. When you consider State Farm's high customer satisfactions score, it's clear why this company is a good option for protecting your home.

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