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Max Burton 6400 Review

The Max Burton 6400’s performance and convenient features make it the best hot plate burner. It’s a great choice if you need an extra burner at home.

Our Verdict

The Max Burton 6400 costs more than most other hot plates we reviewed, but it also offers a lot more – it heats faster, is more user-friendly and has more safety features than its competitors.


  • This hot plate boils water in about three minutes.


  • It is bulkier and heavier than many hot plates, so it doesn’t travel well.
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The Max Burton 6400’s performance and convenient features make it the best hot plate burner. It’s a great choice if you need an extra burner at home.

This hot plate boiled water faster than any other model we reviewed, taking a mere three minutes to bring water from room temperature to boiling, which is impressive. It beat out the electric coil and iron burners easily, and it was even faster than the other induction hot plates we tested.

When we cooked crepes, we were impressed with how evenly the Max Burton 6400 heats. The surface of each crepe was uniform in color from one side to the other – a rarity in our testing. As such, this is a good hot plate to consider if you make foods that need to be cooked evenly like pancakes and grilled cheese.

The 6400 is a little pricier than some of the other models we reviewed, so even though it would work well in a dorm room, it may be too expensive for a college student. Further, you may need to invest in new cookware to use it – like other induction burners, it only works with ferrous pots and pans. However, you can use nonferrous cookware if you buy an interface disk that sits between your pan and the burner. You can tell if your current cookware works with induction burners by holding a magnet to it. If the magnet sticks to the bottom of your pan, it is compatible. If you want an induction hot plate that’s less expensive, try the Sunpentown SR-1884SS.

There are 15 power settings on the Max Burton 6400, so you should be able to find the right one for any task. You can also adjust the hot plate’s temperature in 25-degree increments using the LCD display and touchpad controls. Many of the 6400’s competitors are lower tech and have manual dial controls. This model also has a timer.

This hot plate has all the safety features we looked for as we compared products. Since it has a power button instead of a dial, the Max Burton 6400 is harder to accidentally turn on. It also has a safety lock to prevent children from adjusting settings. The nonskid feet keep the hot plate from jostling around and spilling hot ingredients. In addition, the 6400 automatically shuts down if you use the wrong type of cookware or if there is a short circuit. Max Burton covers this hot plate with a one-year warranty, which is standard for this type of appliance.

This burner is rather bulky, so it may not be the best choice for a place with limited counter space like a boat or RV. Also, it is one of the heavier hot plates we tested, so it doesn’t travel well – you should look at a smaller model if you want a burner you can put in your luggage and use to cook in hotel rooms. Still, the Max Burton 6400 has the longest cord of any hot plate we considered, which makes it convenient to use in places where the nearest outlet isn’t right where you plan to cook.