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Secura DUXTOP 9100MC Review

In our testing, the Secura DUXTOP 9100MC electric hot plate stood out as one of the best.

Our Verdict

The sleek, easy-to-use Secura DUXTOP 9100MC performs well at high and low temperatures and includes great safety features.


  • This induction hot plate automatically switches modes to avoid overheating.


  • Its safety warning beeps are helpful but aggravatingly loud.
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In our testing, the Secura DUXTOP 9100MC electric hot plate stood out as one of the best. It brought water to a rolling boil in four minutes and 23 seconds, making it the third fastest of the models we reviewed as well as considerably faster than most of its competitors. 

The DUXTOP 9100MC did phenomenally well when we tested it by melting chocolate in a double boiler. It melted the chocolate in just 12 minutes and 47 seconds on its low setting, which was faster than any other hot plate we tested. Also, the resulting chocolate was smooth and silky.

For our third test, we made crepes to see how evenly the hot plate browns. We used standard crepe batter and nonstick spray in a pan. The first crepe we made on the DUXTOP 9100MC browned, but it was a bit light and had some dark spots dappled over the surface. The second crepe was much better, with even and consistent color over the entire surface. Both crepes were fully cooked and tasted fine.

This hot plate has two modes that work independently of each other: a Power Mode and a Temperature Mode. In the Power Mode, you adjust the machine’s electrical wattage, which ranges from 200 watts to 1,800 watts – the highest wattage of the hot plates we reviewed. The lower end is good for simmering and keeping food warm. When you use the Temperature Mode, you choose from 15 temperature settings ranging from 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 460 degrees Fahrenheit.

Power Mode may be useful when you make recipes that don’t have specified temperature requirements. However, in general, the manufacturer recommends using the Temperature Mode since the DUXTOP 9100MC can regulate and maintain its temperature when you do. Also, if you brown or fry food in Power Mode, the hot plate can overheat. Fortunately, the hot plate can detect if that happens and automatically switches to Temperature Mode to avoid overheating.

This induction cooktop also comes with a countdown digital timer. It measures time in one-minute increments for up to 170 minutes.

There are plenty of safety features built into this appliance. For example, it warns you if the voltage is too low or too high, and it displays diagnostic errors. In addition, nonskid plastic feet secure the hot plate nicely so you don’t have to worry if someone accidentally bumps it.

One of its safety feature is a mixed blessing – if the hot plate senses there isn’t a pan on it, it beeps very loudly and shuts off. While the alarm is certainly helpful, it can be aggravating when you lift the pan for just a minute, and it is annoyingly loud. In addition, this hot plate uses an internal fan that is also very loud. The DUXTOP 9100MC doesn’t include a safety lock. If you want a hot plate with this feature, consider the Max Burton 6400.

This solid electric hot plate weighs 6.97 pounds and measures 14 x 11.25 x 3 inches. The heating surface has two rings, one measuring 4.5 inches and the other 8 inches. The electrical cord is 60 inches long, which give you a lot of placement options in a kitchen or hotel room.