How to make Valentine’s Day cards

How to make Valentine’s Day cards
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One of the best ways to show someone you care is to put your time and effort into making them something. For some, this manifests in baking or cooking, and for others, bespoke handmade cards are the perfect way of showing their loved ones they care. There’s also the advantage of not having to wait for a delivery from the best Valentine’s Day card DIY sites, making a handmade Valentine’s Day card a great last-minute option. 

There are a few ways to make your own Valentine’s Day cards, some of which are more straightforward than others, so stay tuned for our step-by-step guide on how to make Valentine’s Day cards from scratch. 

Take some inspiration

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Before you set to making your Valentine's Day card you'll need a source of inspiration. For this, we suggest taking a look at the best photo cards, which often come with beautiful fonts and funny quotes to give you an idea of the type of card you want to create. 

Mixbook is always one of our favorite sites for its huge range of card options. We particularly like the idea of making a "relationship timeline" card to tell your own love story. Other options include sweet patterns with animals, candy, or simply some colorful love hearts. You can take a look at the Mixbook site here to glean some more ideas. Even if you do decide to make your own card, you could opt for a photo book or personalized mug as a thoughtful Valentine's gift.  

Get crafty

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Cricut has plenty of Valentine's Day card designs on-site that you can download and print from your die cutting machine.  (Image credit: Cricut)

The most labor-intensive Valentine’s Day cards can often end up looking the best. If you want to make a shop-quality card from home, many of the best die cutting machines come with software that allows you to download and cut out your own intricate designs from home. All you’ll need is some cardstock and (of course) a die cutting machine itself. 

If you don’t have one of these at home though, all hope is not lost. You can always print out a template from the internet and (carefully) trace around it using a craft X-Acto knife. Just make sure you use a craft mat underneath your project, or you could end up carving a heart shape into your table. You can find a whole range of Valentine's-themed craft card and stencils at Michael's.

One instant way to make your homemade card look more professional is to add a 3D element. You could make a pop-up card to add some surprise as you open it, or use things you've got lying around the house such as buttons or dried flower petals to make a statement. 

A homemade Valentine's Day card with a heart and "XOXO" written on it.

You can find everything you need to make this Valentine's Day card at the Michael's site. (Image credit: Michael's)

Another step is to use some ink and your fingerprints to add a personal touch. Dabbing your thumb in alternating pink and red ink before pressing it into a heart shape would be an easy and low-cost way to make your mark. You could even make a heart stencil to make sure you don't go outside of the lines, before pressing a bunch of fingerprints to create a collage of sorts. Easy Peasy and Fun has more great ideas for you to check out here.

Alternatively, fingerprints could be used to make animals. Simply press your thumbprint in yellow, before adding some black stripes and wings, and you've got a witty "Bee Mine" card. Complete with a heart-shape flight trail to make it Valentine's Day ready.

Let your computer do the work...

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If you're short on resources you can go ahead and use the best greeting card software to put together something special. While a few of the options are paid for, our favorite, Adobe Spark, is totally free. There are templates to make your life easier, and you can also add stock images and artwork, as well as your own photos and text. 

Once you've made your card, just use a printer to print it out and you've got an easy homemade Valentine's Day card. If you've gone for a photo image, it's preferable to use a photo printer

Other options include e-cards, which may be preferable for friends or family. 1-800-Flowers recently came out with a range of e-cards for Valentine's Day, to help you stay connected to everyone you love this year. Our advice though, save the e-cards for your friends and splash out on something more special for your partner. 

It's all about the delivery 

How to make Valentine’s Day cards

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If you've put in the effort, it's worth taking the time to serve up your Valentine's Day card in the best way possible. If you live with your partner, making them breakfast in bed and giving them the card in person will definitely put a smile on their face. 

For those who live apart, you may have ordered a gift basket or flower delivery to arrive at their home on the big day. Try and send your handmade card so it arrives in plenty of time, and make a note that it's not to be opened until February 14th.

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