PureGuardian H5225 Review

The PureGuardian H5225 is a durable, easy-to-operate humidifier. It can minimize cold and allergy symptoms, soothe dry and itchy skin, and help you keep the humidity levels in a room at healthy humidity levels with warm or cool mist.

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This is a durable humidifier with a high mist output and a large tank, but it is missing the humidistat and built-in demineralization filter you would expect from a model in this price range.


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    The PureGuardian H5225 uses patented technology to fight mold and mildew in the tank.


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    In hard-water areas, this humidifier can leave white dust on furnishings as the moisture evaporates.

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The PureGuardian H5225 is a durable, easy-to-operate humidifier. It can minimize cold and allergy symptoms, soothe dry and itchy skin, and help you keep the humidity levels in a room at healthy humidity levels with warm or cool mist.

On the highest of its three speeds, the PureGuardian H5225 ultrasonic air humidifier transforms nearly 2 gallons of water into mist over a period of 24 hours. This high mist output is ideal for use in midsize or large rooms up to 650 square feet, such as a den or family room. In smaller rooms, you simply turn the fan speed down to reach the optimal humidity level. On the lowest speed and humidity output, the unit can run for several days without you needing to refill its 2-gallon tank.

The H5225 comes with both cool and warm mist settings that each provide soothing moisture. The manufacturer recommends the use of only the cool mist settings if there are children in your home, as the warm mist process creates hot water that can pose a scalding hazard should the unit be tipped or overturned. The H4610 automatically stops running if the water level becomes too low, saving the motor from unnecessary wear and tear.

The PureGuardian H5225 operates almost silently. You can use it in your bedroom without being woken up by the annoying sounds of a tank gurgling or water sputtering. This humidifier is specially designed for essential oils. You simply add the essential oils to the pad in the back of the unit. Be aware that if you add oils to the water tank, it can damage the humidifier and void the warranty. One of the nicest features is a split spray nozzle that sends mist in two directions instead of one. This is ideal if you have two sick children or just want better coverage.

Unlike our top pick, the Boneco 7135, this unit lacks a humidistat to measure the humidity of the room. Purchasing a separate humidistat is a good idea so you can be sure humidity levels are safe. It comes with a timer function, so you can choose two, four or eight hours for the humidifier to run before it automatically shuts off.

Unlike the other top humidifiers, this one does not come with a built-in demineralization filter. Therefore, if you have hard water in your area, the ultrasonic operation of the H5225 may leave behind a fine white dust from the evaporated mist over time on the furniture in the room it humidifies. If this becomes a problem, using distilled or purified water can help with the dust and extend the life of your humidifier.

The PureGuardian H5225 is a sturdy unit with a transparent blue tank that is flat at the top. Because the 2-gallon tank can sit flat in your sink, it is easier to refill and unlikely to fall over and crack. The tank's plastic is infused with patented Silver Clean technology to fight the spread of unwanted bacteria, mold and mildew.

All models in this series come with a three-year warranty. There is a toll-free telephone number and email contact form on the company's website you can use to contact the company if needed. You can also browse the company's online FAQs page for additional answers to your questions. A user manual is also available online for easy reference in case you can't find the one that comes with your humidifier.

The PureGuardian H5225 is a large-capacity humidifier with quiet, effective and germ-free mist output. It has no humidistat for setting the room humidity to a specific percentage, but it does have many other notable features, like a split nozzle to channel mist in different directions, antimicrobial technology, an essential oils tray and a long running time.

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