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IDenta Touch & Know Discreet Drug Test | Instant Drug Test

Surprisingly, there are many people who can use an instant drug test kit. For example, people who are looking to buy a new home may want to buy drug and mold test kits to make sure the building is safe to live in. Parents or spouses may suspect someone of using drugs but don't want to confront them without knowing for sure. School administrators may want to test a substance found in a student's locker. No matter what the situation, the IDenta Touch and Know Discreet Drug Test will give you quick and accurate information.

The most interesting part of the IDenta Touch and Know Discreet Drug Test is its convenience. This drug test kit allows you to test for more than 22 types of drugs. Simply rub the screen test against the suspected surface, place it back into its dock and break the chemical solution into the leak-free test chamber. If the solution changes color, you know there is some kind of illicit drug.

The instant drug test comes with two kits. The General Screening Identification kit tests for many illicit drugs, including crack/cocaine, methamphetamine, MDMA and designer drugs like MDPBP (bath salts). The Marijuana/Hashish Identification kit tests for cannabis and its many variants.

While the instant results are fantastic, the screening requires an actual substance to test. IDenta promises 99-percent accuracy, but if you are trying to test a flat surface for drugs, IDenta does not guarantee the results. Instead, you need to have the powder or pill available. Also, the General Screening Identification test has a high range of false positives, since many prescription pills can contain the same materials as illicit drugs.

When we tested the product, we tried to call the toll-free customer support phone number listed on the instructions and the website, but it was disconnected. Also, we did not receive a response to our email inquiry. Fortunately, the instructions are clear and easy to understand, especially if you have the questionable substance in front of you.

Naturally, since the IDenta Touch and Know Discreet Drug Test offers instant results, this drug test kit is best for parents and school administrators. You may suspect that a substance is drugged, but rather than calling the police, you can use the instant drug test to learn what kind of substance you're dealing with. This drug test does not identify exactly which substance you're dealing with, but its colored chemicals give you an estimate of the type of drug. If the test comes back positive, you'll want to call local authorities to get a lab analysis of the drug.


The IDenta Touch and Know Discreet Drug Test is an excellent instant drug test kit that allows you to identify whether a substance is an illicit drug. It has a few problems, especially with its inability to test surfaces like walls, paper money and clothes. Also, the company's customer support options are lackluster. However, if you suspect that a pill or powder is a drug, the IDenta Touch and Know Discreet Drug Test gives you the power to find drugs without calling the police.