Identity Protect by Intelius review

Identity Protect by Intelius provides mixed results for identity protection, but don’t dismiss it just yet.

Identity Protect by Intelius review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

Identity Protect misses the mark when it comes down to basic data monitoring, but is particularly insightful when it comes to public records.


  • +

    One plan service and a free 7-day trial

  • +

    Provides public records information


  • -

    Outdated and bare interface

  • -

    Key data not monitored

  • -

    No in-app credit freezing

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Identity Protect is Intelius’s foray into identity theft protection, and makes our list of the best identity theft protection services. Intelius specializes in public records monitoring, meaning that any person can conduct a consumer background check or person search on the site; it therefore operates with the intention of providing as much public record information on its site, and adds Identity Protect to its roster of tools in the effort to allow to consumers to be more “in-the-know.” This is how it separated itself from the competition. However, if you’re looking for a more traditional identity theft protection service, turn to more established services like Identity Guard or IdentityForce UltraSecure + Credit. These companies will have more well-rounded data monitoring than Identity Protect by Intelius, but they don’t have the same in-depth look into public records. 

Identity Protect review: Platform

IdentityProtect only has one plan available, so if you choose IdentityProtect, you won't carry the extra burden of trying to figure out what is included in each plan. However, you will struggle to know exactly what is included in the subscription package offered, as the site gives little insight into the types of services and information that can be monitored. 

Signing up for IdentityProtect is easy and hassle free. All you need to do is input your name, email address, and credit or debit card information to get an account. You will have seven days to test the service free of charge. By the end of the week, you will be charged about $20 per month, which is expensive for what you get. 

The hard work comes later after sign up: while other services like Identity Guard will have you add your Social Security Number and address as you sign up, you will be prompted to do so within the IdentityProtect dashboard. 

The user dashboard itself is quite difficult to look at: it looks outdated and you have to sift through different tabs in order to find out what information you need to add to the system in order for it to be monitored. The look and feel of the dashboard doesn’t quite inspire confidence in the efficacy of the service, nor does the fact that Intelius is part of a network of data brokers buying and selling people’s personal information. Buying and selling sensitive information like Social Security Numbers is illegal, and there is no public information to suggest that Intelius is using identity theft protection as a way to get more data from the public. However, you should always feel confident that your source is trusted before you give out your social security details. 

Identity Protect review: Product

What’s covered
At first glance, it appears that Identity Protect covers all, if not most aspects of identity theft - it monitors bank accounts, your Social Security Number, and your credit, among other usual suspects. But it neglects to monitor key information that could be used in fraudulent activity, like your email address and your driver’s license number.

Unlike other sites, Identity Protect also doesn’t offer the option to protect children, who are particularly vulnerable to identity theft because they are considered “blank slates” in terms of credit. For the best child identity protection, turn to IdentityForce UltraSecure +Credit. 

While Identity Protect misses the mark on basic monitoring, it excels in public records. You can check public records to see if any loans, properties, or other assets fall under your name when they should. While public records can be fickle and not necessarily trustworthy, they are useful in checking up on what is associated with your name, address, email address, and phone number. 

Identity Protect will email you an alert every time a change occurs to the information you choose to monitor. You will also find that alert in the dashboard. However, we saw no option to be alerted by phone or by text - a possibility for most, if not all other identity theft protection services. Should you receive an alert, Identity Protect falls short in regards to identity theft resolution. While it says that you can reach a fraud specialist, it doesn’t indicate how or when you can contact them. 

Identity Protect provides your credit score and credit report, updated every month, with your subscription. It monitors your credit for any changes that indicate possible fraudulent activity. This is already a good deal for the price of the subscription, and other services will have you sign up for a higher tier plan to even get your credit score. However, if you want to see scores and reports from all three bureaus, be prepared to shell out an additional $25 for the triple-report. 

If you find inconsistencies in your report, you don’t have the ability to freeze your credit through Identity Protect. We couldn’t even find a link to the TransUnion website to potentially fight inconsistencies. 

Identity Protect by Intelius: Details

Plan provider: Identity Protect by Intelius
Credit monitoring? Yes
Bank account monitoring?: Yes
Dispute assistance? Yes

Identity Protect review: Tools

Like ID Watchdog, Identity Protect is rather bare-bones. It doesn’t have any tools like calculators or simulators, and doesn’t have any resources to help you better understand identity theft and identity protection. While this is a turn off for many, it may not be a deal breaker for someone who is already well-versed in identity theft and fraud. 

Should you choose Identity Protect?

If you’re looking for a high quality identity theft protection service, you’ll want to check out our other picks of ID theft prevention services. Identity Protect still has a long way to go to, and still needs to cover the basics - but it’s off to a solid start. Despite a poor dashboard and the fact that it lacks some basic monitoring services, it already has an edge on other sites; the fact that it can provide public records data associated with the information you choose to monitor makes Identity Protect a service to still consider.  

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