Wolf CI304C/B induction cooktop review

The Wolf CI304C/B provides many great features, like a control-lock option, power-boost capabilities, a bridge element and indicator lights to alert you to a hot surface.

Wolf CI304C/B induction cooktop review
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This product has much to offer when it comes to its features, but its cooking capabilities are disappointing when compared to similar induction cooktops.


  • +

    Parts and labor are covered for two years

  • +

    Bridge element

  • +

    Safety warning lights


  • -

    Only a standard kitchen timer is included on this product

  • -

    Limited power

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The Wolf CI304C/B is a cheap but limited induction cooktop (opens in new tab). It provides many of the features you find on similar products such as a control-lock option, power-boost capabilities, a bridge element and indicator lights to alert you to a hot surface. However, there are a few areas where we would like to see improvements, such as a wider range of power and a multi-burner timer.

Wolf CI304C/B induction cooktop: What you need to know

Wolf CI304C/B induction cooktop's cooking capabilities are average. There are four burners on this product that range in power from 1,400 watts to 3,150 watts. This range provides enough power to easily simmer foods or boil water, but it is not as powerful as many of the cooktops on our lineup. The best products offer up to 3,700 watts, which can save you time in the kitchen. There is a power boost capability on three of the product’s burners, but you can't use it on all three heating elements at once.

As we said, there are four burners featured on this cooktop, with the largest being 10.5 inches in diameter. There is also a bridge element, which means that you can sync two heating elements together to create one large element that works well for pans such as griddles.

The Wolf CI304C/B boasts a touch display that allows you to easily adjust the settings and temperatures of the burners. On the control panel, you'll find indicators that alert you when the cooktop is activated as well as other notifications. For example, a symbol will display on the control panel when a burner is turned on, and another symbol will appear to indicate a hot surface. This unit also comes with a control lock to ensure that no heating elements are turned on without your consent. If you have not used the control panel for 10 minutes, the controls automatically lock.

Additionally, this cooktop comes with a timer, but unfortunately, it's a basic kitchen timer. We would like to see a multi-burner timer, which allows you to set a timer for each individual burner. Besides a multi-burner timer, the best cooktops also automatically shut off the burner when the timer is done. This is an excellent safety feature and helps prevent food from burning in the event some unforeseen event momentarily takes your attention away from the stove.

One of the standout features of this induction cooktop is its warranty, which covers parts and labor for two years. This is one of the longest warranties for induction cooktops.

Should you buy the Wolf CI304C/B induction cooktop?

The Wolf CI304C/B offers some advantages, including a long warranty and a bridge element that allows you to sync two burners together. However, we are disappointed in the cooking capabilities of this product and a lack of certain features. We would have preferred more power, particularly with its power boost capabilities as well as a multi-burner timer. However, for a more basic induction cooktop, this product is worth your consideration.

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