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Microsoft Edge Review

Edge is Microsoft’s only browser that is compatible with Windows 10.

Our Verdict

Microsoft Edge is a fast, dependable web browser, though it has some compatibility issues – it doesn’t work with third-party extensions or any computer operating system other than Windows 10.


  • Microsoft Edge is a secure and fast web browser.


  • This browser isn’t compatible with Mac computers or computers running earlier versions of Windows.
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Edge is Microsoft’s only browser that is compatible with Windows 10. There are mobile versions for Android smartphones and iPhones, but it doesn’t work on Mac computers or earlier versions of Windows.

Microsoft Edge has a clean interface and isn’t too difficult to navigate. You can add icons that link to popular and frequently visited websites to either the toolbar or the homepage – that way, you don’t have to click through your bookmarks list or type in the sites’ URLs to visit them. Edge’s tabbed browsing lets you hover over an active tab you aren’t currently viewing to see a thumbnail image of the page so you don’t have to click on it to remember what is there. And your bookmarks, search history and browser settings sync across all devices you have the browser installed on, so you can always access them.

The browser’s Notes tool lets you highlight words and passages on websites and save the pages so you can reread the highlighted sections later. You can also add notes, which is helpful for research projects.

This web browser has good security features that protect against some phishing schemes and malware. In addition, you can enable tools that block cookies and erase your browser history so it can’t be swiped by spyware. You can also use a privacy browser, which makes it harder to trace online activity back to you or your device.

During our in-house tests, Microsoft Edge warned us about dangerous websites when we attempted to access them. It also caught several ransomware, virus and Trojan files we attempted to download so they didn’t infect our computer. However, Edge relies in part on Windows Defender to provide this security. Without Defender enabled in Edge or on your Windows desktop, more of these threats can find their way into your system before they’re rounded up by your antivirus program.

This internet browser is pretty big compared to others we tested – its 23MB file is nearly 21 times bigger than Chrome and 73 times bigger than Firefox. Despite its size, Microsoft Edge navigated to and loaded webpages faster than either Firefox or Chrome.

Microsoft has good support options. In fact, it is one of the few browsers we tested that has telephone support. Its online knowledgebase is searchable and very thorough in answering questions. In addition, there are tutorials and user forums to help answer your questions.

Microsoft Edge is very reliable and easy to use, and it includes great security features. It scored high in our in-house test for its ability to block phishing schemes and stop malware, though it relies on Windows Defender to help. Edge is also fast, taking less time to navigate to and load webpages than Firefox and Chrome. The browser’s biggest drawback is it isn’t compatible with Mac computers, though it can run on iPhones, and doesn’t work on computers running earlier versions of Windows.