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Lennox central air conditioners review

Lennox air conditioners have the highest energy-efficiency (SEER) ratings you will find on the market, making them perfect for hotter environments.

Lennox Central Air Conditioners
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Lennox air conditioners are ideal for those who require a high-efficiency and cost-effective solution for their homes. Although their systems are more expensive than those of other brands, they are guaranteed to save money in the long term.


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    Highly efficient

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    Good customer service


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    High repair costs

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    Expensive systems

Lennox has been an established name in the HVAC industry since 1895, and to this day is still producing some of the best central air conditioners (opens in new tab) on the market. 

It offers three types of air conditioning system: the Merit, the Elite and the Dave Lennox Signature Collection series. The range starts from a 14 SEER rating (Merit), right up to a remarkably high 26 SEER (Signature). 

Out of 11 models, nine are certified “Energy Star”, making Lennox air conditioners one of the most efficient brands on the market. For this reason alone, Lennox units are best suited to hot climates where they're likely to get a lot of use.

Lennox central air conditioners review: Prices

Lennox's prices are more expensive than those of other brands. For a 13 SEER unit alone, it costs around $1,475, which goes up to around $3,090 with installation; a 26 SEER unit costs around $3,775 alone, up to $7,190 with installation. While Lennox systems are more costly, they are a good investment if you factor in their reliable performance and high efficiency.

Lennox central air conditioners review: Installers 

It’s recommended to hire a Lennox dealer who is professionally trained to perform quality HVAC installations. In addition, your dealer is the best person to advise you on local energy rebates, or if there are relevant promotions.

Lennox central air conditioners review: Warranty 

Lennox: Key features

Number of models in range: 11
Top SEER energy efficiency rating: 26
Warranty: 10-year compressor and five-year covered component warranties
Starting from (unit only): $1,475

Lennox offers impressive warranties that vary by model. Merit and Elite models have separate warranties for the compressor and covered components. Merit units come with five-year compressor and covered component warranties, while Elite models come with 10-year compressor and five-year covered component warranties. You can extend Component warranties to 10 years on select Merit and Elite models by registering the product. Signature models come with 10-year compressor and covered component warranties, while other systems come with five-year warranties on covered components and compressors.  Warranty can be extended by five years on parts and seven years on compressors by registering the product.

Lennox central air conditioners review: User reviews

The majority of customers were happy with the overall running of their air conditioning unit. They mentioned how reliable and efficient their units were in quickly cooling the home, and praised how super-quiet they were. 

Users also mentioned that Lennox air conditioners made a difference to their utility bill compared to the previous brand they were using. Others also said Lennox customer service staff did a wonderful job, and were extremely helpful and professional.

On the downside, a few reported compressor failures and broken fans within a short time since the initial purchase. However, one person mentioned their fan was replaced the following day and compressors were efficiently seen to, thanks to Lennox’s exceptional warranties.

Should you buy Lennox central air conditioners?

If you’re after a highly efficient air conditioning unit and prepared to spend a little extra, Lennox is the ideal brand. While Lennox air conditioners are popular due to their quality and top-of-the-line features, they are expensive compared to others. Even the low SEER rated models will cost you a lot more than similar products available on the market. However, you can’t go wrong in terms of high efficiency and reliability.

Suited to those living in hotter climates who expect to get more usage, this is a much more economical choice of air conditioner.

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