LG LW8016ER window air conditioner review

The LG LW8016ER is a remote controlled and well priced air conditioner for your window.

LG LW8016ER Review
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The LG LW8016ER is a remote controlled window air conditioner that's good for 8,000 BTU at 52dB with an Energy Star rating and comes in at a decent price.


  • +

    Well priced

  • +

    Energy Star power efficient

  • +

    Remote control

  • +

    Timer and multiple fan speeds


  • -

    Not great looking

  • -

    52dB in low mode only

  • -

    No smart features

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Here's everything you need to know about the LG LW8016ER. We've researched the latest window air conditioners, asked the experts, and sifted through thousands of specs, features and user reviews to find the best window air conditioners around.

LG LW8016ER: What you need to know

The LG LW8016ER comes with a low price but is packed with most of the features you could want in a window mounted air conditioner. As such it should do the job of keeping you cool without too many extras that would cost you more without making you any cooler.

That's not to say this isn't a well built unit. You get an Energy Star rating so you keep saving money with low cost use. You have a 24-hour timer as well as an auto restart function so even when away you can keep the place cool.

There are multiple fan settings so you can control power, which is ideal if you need to get cool in a rush.

The BTU power should serve most people well but for everything you need to know about the LG LW8016ER, read on.

LG LW8016ER: Design and build

  • Grill front all-white
  • Remote controlled
  • Small display

To look at, the LG LW8016ER, is much like many other air conditioners that clamp to your window. That design hasn't changed a lot over the years because it just works well. 

This unit is in white so it keeps the room as bright as possible while blocking out some of the light in that window space. To the top right of the grills there is a small number display that shows you the temperature you have the unit set to, at a glance. This section of the unit also features soft touch button controls.

Controls on the unit aren't always needed though as you can control it all from the sofa, or bed, or wherever, using the included remote control. Sure, it's not smartphone controlled like some more expensive units, but this does the job well without you having to go over to the unit everytime you want to feel a bit warmer or cooler.

The unit's dimensions are 19.57-inches wide, 19.37-inches deep and 12.36-inches high. So as long as your window can house this size, that will get you a cooler living space.

LG LW8016ER: Features

  • Three speed fan
  • 8,000 BTU of cooling
  • 24-hour timer

The LG LW8016ER packs in a decent 8,000 BTU of power. What this means varies but the rough guide, based on size, says that amount of power should be good to cool a room up to 340 square feet. In reality you need to up the BTU estimate for rooms that are in direct sunlight or get hot from being between other flats. So even if you have a room like that, you should be good for around 300 square feet of cooling. In real world terms that's a large room or a smaller sized studio.

There are three fan speed settings of low, mid or high with a 3-way adjustment. So you can not only control how fast the room cools but also how much noise the unit produces - ideal if you're trying to watch a movie.

Auto restart is a useful feature. If the power gets cut then kicks back in, the air conditioner will carry on as it was before – meaning you won't come back to a hotbox if out when a power cut happens. 

This air conditioner uses washable filters which, as the name suggests, simply need to be removed, washed and returned. When that needs to be done, to keep up efficiency, there is an LED alert that will fire up to show you that you need to get cleaning. 

The remote control has several functions including power on and off, temperature up and down, fan speed, timer and mode. That's everything the unit can do meaning it can all be done from the remote.

LG LW8016ER: Performance

  • 52dB quiet
  • Easy install
  • Fan power could be greater

Despite being a 65lb beast this is a relatively easy unit to install, thanks to it all being in the body – no assembly required there then. Although this also has negatives. You need an outside support to hold it up well, which you'll need to buy or make.

That fixed chassis is what helps you make a saving on this unit. While that's good in the short term, if you plan to have this longer than a few years, it will make maintenance more difficult. Since the condenser is built within the blower unit only that can also mean noise from vibration – but this is minimal with a 52dB rating when in low mode. So, overall, it's one of the more quiet air conditioners out there.

Everything works well and as it should, with the thermostat automatically cutting off when the unit gets the room to the right temperature. The remote works well even in larger rooms as long as you have line of sight. That said, the fan setting isn't displayed so if you want to check, you have to change it, at which time it pops up on the display, so you know what mode it's on.

The air that blows out is fired upwards to then fall into the room. This is ideal in a bedroom or front room where you don't want to have a cold blast of air hitting you as you're relaxing. That said, the fan is plenty powerful for a single room but if you're cooling two, you might find yourself wanting a bit more grunt. But for the power cost efficiency it's worth that balance. 

Talking of efficiency, this has an Energy Star rating which equates to a yearly running cost of around $60. Of course this varies based on how much you use it but it's very good compared to a lot of the competition out there.

Should I buy the LG LW8016ER?

If you want to cool a room that's less than 340 square feet, want to save money and want a remote controlled air conditioner that will do it quietly, then the LG LW8016ER is a great choice. The fact it will do all that while keeping the usage costs down makes this a really appealing device.

Should you want to cool several rooms or a larger space you might want to go for something with a more powerful fan unit and higher BTU. Also, if you want better looks and smartphone controls, you'll need to pay out for a more high-end wall mounted air conditioner. 

LG LW8016ER: Verdict

The LG LW8016ER is a relatively compact unit that offers a great price on an 8,000 BTU window mounted air conditioner. With that you get a timer, multi-speed fan and auto restart - all controlled by a handy remote. The quiet running and auto thermostat make this a really great workhorse that will keep your room cool without you having to think about it – all while saving you money by working energy efficiently. 

A great air conditioner at this price that's readily available and supported by a one year warranty. 

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